Coming Clean (Week 5)

In “Setting Your Lineup” for the week I told you about three running backs and three quarterbacks that would have an excellent fantasy week, according to me, The Fantasy Ace. Every Monday afternoon I will be posting “Coming Clean,” a look backward at how well (or poorly) my lineup choices did during the week.

Running backs I touted for the week:

David Wilson – New York Giants (My “Selling High” Player of the Week)

Wilson was clearly on his way to an epic afternoon when he scored a rushing touchdown on the first Giants drive of the day, but that was it for him. He did his patented flip, which may have helped to send him to the sidelines, and he never returned after the first quarter. This of course also affects his sell high status because obviously you won’t be able to sell him high after the performance he had today. Perhaps at some point you might have to release him, but hang tight for now.

Final line: 16 rushing yards. 1 rushing touchdown. Injured. 7 fantasy points.

Fred Jackson – Buffalo Bills

A lot of people were worried about Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller for week 5, because of the Cleveland defense, because of the short week (they played Thursday night), and because both were possible not to play in the game due to injuries suffered the week before. However, both played and both did fine from a fantasy perspective. However, Jackson had a great day with two scores and 21 fantasy points in standard scoring leagues.

Final line: 17 carries. 53 rushing yards. 2 rushing touchdowns. 4 receptions. 40 receiving yards. 21 fantasy points.

Lamar Miller – Miami Dolphins

Ouch. This one hurt. Baltimore had given up quite a few yards to running backs this season, Miller had gone three straight games over 60 total yards, it seemed like a match made in heaven. And then they played the game. Again, ouch. Miller can certainly be better than this, but the Miami game plan wasn’t such where he could thrive this week, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Be wary.

Final line: 7 carries. 15 rushing yards. Nothing else. 1 fantasy point.

Danny Woodhead – San Diego Chargers

Woodhead has clearly become the best running back to trust in fantasy for San Diego. Even in the loss, he was clearly involved in both the rushing and the passing game. While he wasn’t a number one running back in fantasy this week, he flashed the skills that made him so dangerous in New England earlier in his career. I would definitely start him as a flex option going forward.

Final line: 9 carries. 13 rushing yards. 9 receptions. 58 receiving yards. 1 receiving touchdown. 1 fumble lost. 10 fantasy points.

Quarterbacks I loved in Week 5 and how they fared:

Michael Vick – Philadelphia Eagles

First, I want to say that if Vick doesn’t play this next week, and you own him in fantasy, this offense works really well with Nick Foles too, and the Eagles have a very good matchup. Roll with Foles, that’s going to be my mantra all week. That being said, Vick outscored a lot of other quarterbacks in fantasy this week, even though he only played one half. If you look at what Foles did in his stead the second half, you can see how Vick may have had an even bigger day. You can’t predict injuries, though, and that limited Vick’s production.

Final line: 105 passing yards. 79 rushing yards. 11 fantasy points.

Alex Smith – Kansas City Chiefs

Smith had the opportunity to do some great things this week, but instead he played the game manager role again, relying on Jamaal Charles and the rushing game to take out Tennessee on the road. It was nothing special, but you didn’t really expect Smith to lead your fantasy team to victory. It would have been nice if he could have done more with his touches, though. Two long bombs to Avery helped salvage his touchdown-less day.

Final line: 249 passing yards. 10 rushing yards. 1 interception. 8 fantasy points.

Sam Bradford – St. Louis Rams

Bradford was also nothing special for the Rams, but then again he didn’t have to be against Jacksonville. That is a troubling trend, quarterbacks who don’t have to be great in order to beat the Jaguars haven’t been great. The three touchdown passes saved his fantasy day. Until further notice don’t bother with starting the likes of Bradford and others like him against the Jaguars. The new rule is if you wouldn’t start him in a normal week, don’t do it against Jacksonville either.

Final line: 222 passing yards. 4 rushing yards. 3 touchdown passes. 26 fantasy points.

My pick of the week was St. Louis to win against Jacksonville, and they accomplished the victory, 34-20.



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