Week 6 Survival Football

I’ll admit it. I was worried for about half a minute this weekend when Jacksonville scored the quick touchdown against St. Louis. I wondered if my skills had somehow eroded in picking a team to win in survival football. I even cursed myself for not going with the obvious Denver Broncos (ha) or with the Eagles, who I was convinced would destroy the Giants (and they did). But then normalcy returned to my world, St. Louis won the game handily, and suddenly I was 5-0 with my survival football picks on the season, and I was breathing a sigh of relief. I breathe that same sigh of relief every single week right after my team has pulled off a victory. It’s my routine, and I hope I get to do the same thing this week. Okay, okay, I know I’ll get to do the same thing this week. Because I’m going with Denver. At home. Against Jacksonville.

Here are my first five weeks’ survival picks with results:

Week One: Indianapolis Colts. WON.
Week Two: New England Patriots. WON.
Week Three: Seattle Seahawks. WON.
Week Four: Kansas City Chiefs. WON.
Week Five: St. Louis Rams. WON.

In my double-elimination survival league, there were three people who entered week 5 with perfect records, and after the carnage by those who picked Atlanta or San Diego, I am the last perfect record standing. There are eight people still alive in the league, and all seven of the others now have at least one loss. So I’m going with Denver. Remember my formula. Pick the team every single week with the biggest possibility for victory, and that team is easily Denver this week. And lest you think I should save Denver for later, recall what I told you last week. Never save teams. I haven’t done it yet, and I’m not going to start now. My job is to get to next week unscathed and thus give myself an even better opportunity to win the survival league.

But you want advice, so I’ll give you some. Say you’ve already used Denver this season. You couldn’t help yourself. There are three other contests out there that should also yield you a win in your survival league this week. You could also go with Chicago, playing the punchless Giants at Soldier Field, Kansas City against Oakland, or Cincinnati against Buffalo. Keep in mind that while these are good possibilities, they aren’t guarantees. Denver is. If you still have Denver left and you’re still alive in your survival league, don’t even think about saving them. Play them and move on to week 7.



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