Selling High: Week 6

USATSI_6890206_154512258_lowresThere is an art to knowing when to cut bait on an underperforming player in fantasy, and that time is almost never after a horrible performance. Simply put, who wants to buy a racehorse when it is limping? Unquestionably there will be someone who wants your underperforming player, someone who believes in him more than you do, but that buyer won’t give away great value to get someone who’s playing poorly. In short, you want to get the best value that you can for your player, and no time is better than after he has posted some stellar stats.

Justin Blackmon is back from his suspension, and I’m a believer in him this week (as I stated in my Setting Your Lineup article for week 6), but that is for two reasons. Number one: he is facing a Denver defense that has given up a lot of yardage to number 1 wide receivers, and, let’s face it, who else does Jacksonville have who can catch the ball? And number two: he has Chad Henne throwing him the ball this week, and they’ve proven they have chemistry. Blackmon will have a monster game this week, and that’s why come Tuesday morning you need to sell high on the second year wideout.

Think for a minute about what I just said. Why would anyone in their right minds want to get rid of a stud of the caliber that I just claimed Blackmon will have after playing this game? There’s an easy answer, too. He plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and they don’t have many games against absolutely horrible defenses, they don’t score many points per game, and they will have Blaine Gabbert throwing the ball after this week. Gabbert is the Tim Tebow of this year, except he’s not quite as charismatic. That means for the most part he cannot be counted on to put up relevant fantasy numbers, so Blackmon will be hit or miss on a weekly basis. You don’t want to go through that headache, particularly when you could get someone who will be relevant for the rest of the fantasy season.

And after this week, when he has the potential to post those huge numbers, if he comes through, you’ll be able to make that deal in a heartbeat. It depends on your needs, but if you require a wide receiver you could probably get Eric Decker, Denarius Moore, Steve Johnson, or Hakeem Nicks in exchange for Blackmon. If you need a running back, you could try and trade for Danny Woodhead, Alfred Morris, Chris Johnson, or Bilal Powell. All of those players could provide you with a stability that will be missing from Blackmon after this week. And none of them will be looking for passes from Blaine Gabbert.


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