Coming Clean (Week 6)

In “Setting Your Lineup” for the week I told you about three wide receivers and three running backs that would have an excellent fantasy week, according to me, The Fantasy Ace. Every Monday afternoon I will be posting “Coming Clean,” a look backward at how well (or poorly) my lineup choices did during the week.

Wide receivers I touted for the week:

Justin Blackmon – Jacksonville Jaguars (My “Selling High” Player of the Week)

This was phenomenal stuff, and anyone would be hard-pressed to give up the kind of production that Blackmon has provided in the past two weeks. But if you picked him up off the waiver wire, odds are your team needs more than he provided. Plus, remember that Chad Henne has been his quarterback. Once Blaine Gabbert is back, his stock will take a hit because Gabbert is just not as good as Henne. Trade him now when his stock is extremely high. You could probably get a #1 running back for him right now.

Final line: 14 receptions. 190 receiving yards. 19 fantasy points.

Alshon Jeffery – Chicago Bears

I should have remembered how much receivers tend to struggle in the Thursday night game, as well as that Jeffery had two stellar games in a row. The defense keyed in on him, and Cutler went to his security blanket, Marshall. Count in one costly drop that could have led to major yards and possibly a touchdown, and that stifled Jeffery’s day.

Final line: 1 reception. 27 receiving yards. 15 rushing yards. 3 fantasy points.

Mohamed Sanu – Cincinnati Bengals

Sanu fell victim to the emergence of Marvin Jones as a red zone target for Andy Dalton, and to a phenomenal game by A.J. Green. Dalton doesn’t spread the ball around as well as a quarterback like Tony Romo or Peyton Manning, so when he keys in on a guy or two during a game, that’s where most of the points go. Usually it’s A.J. Green, and someone else. The someone else for this game was Jones. Luckily, Sanu wasn’t totally forgotten, and he ended up hauling in five catches for 44 yards.

Final line: 5 receptions. 44 receiving yards. 4 fantasy points.

Running backs I loved in Week 6 and how they fared:

Willis McGahee – Cleveland Browns

Man, McGahee looked like he was going to have a big day with the Browns up big, but then the defense melted and they had to play catchup. That helped out Cameron and Gordon, but it destroyed McGahee’s valuable day.

Final line: 10 carries. 37 rushing yards. 1 reception. 2 receiving yards. 3 fantasy points.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis – Cincinnati Bengals

The split time with Giovani Bernard obviously hampers Green-Ellis’s production, and the one touchdown by a running back this week went to Bernard. Green-Ellis did have some great yardage, though, and remains the primary back in Cincinnati.

Final line: 18 carries. 86 rushing yards. 8 fantasy points.

Bilal Powell – New York Jets

The Jets just looked all out of sorts against that varied Steelers’ defense. Smith was lost, and Powell suffered as a result, too. He did catch all of his targets, but when the team scores a total of 6 points, there just isn’t enough to go around. He will do better next week.

Final line: 9 carries. 30 rushing yards. 3 receptions. 20 receiving yards. 5 fantasy points.

My pick of the week was Denver to win against Jacksonville, and they accomplished the victory, 35-19.


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