Walking the Wire: Week 7

wallenda-grand-canyonSo, week 6 is in the books, and maybe you won. Or maybe you lost. Regardless, you have some major decisions to make getting ready for the week 7 matchup, and now is the time to consider them, at the beginning of the week. Plus, Thursday comes quickly and maybe there are a couple of running backs who could help out your team playing in that mid-week game. If you had grabbed Brandon Jacobs from the wire last week before the Thursday game you are probably patting yourself on the back now, but don’t expect the same type of game from him this week, regardless of the troubles the Minnesota defense has had so far.

In order to best help you find the gold on the waiver wire, I will be running an article each week aimed at giving you the best chance to shore up your bench, and telling you who is good enough to grab and start right away. Here’s to Walking the Wire…

Nick Foles – Philadelphia Eagles (QB)

Grab him right away, whether you’re a Michael Vick owner or your quarterback has been less than awesome the past few weeks. And if he starts against Dallas, start him with confidence in fantasy. Foles has all the tools to make the Chip Kelly offense work, even though he won’t get you many points with his legs. As long as he’s throwing the ball down the field he’s worthy. Now, don’t think I’m saying he’s better than Vick. He’s not. But he’s better than most other quarterbacks you’re starting if you’re 1-5 or 2-4 on the season so far. And he won’t be around the waiver wire much longer if he’s starting. Plus, the Dallas defense is not playing great right now. Perfect set up.

Matt Cassel / Josh Freeman – Minnesota Vikings (QB)

I don’t care who’s throwing the ball in Minnesota, that Giants defense is abysmal this season, and they just seem to be getting worse. There’s a lot worse you could do this week, as a lot of the games may be low scoring affairs. This one won’t be, so you’ll get production from all quarterbacks across the board. My money is on Eli Manning to make a dramatic comeback this game as well, so if he’s available grab him for the contest too. I also think Cassel starts one more, and then Freeman comes in next week if Cassel struggles. Whichever one plays, though, you want him, but just for this week. Drop him immediately afterward. The matchups don’t get better from here on out.

Chris Ogbonnaya – Cleveland Browns (RB)

Now, I’m not touting him as a number one running back this week, but he is a good flex play because of his growing importance to the Cleveland passing game. He has become the outlet for Brandon Weeden, especially for short and to-go situations. He has had over 10 fantasy points the past two weeks, and I think he gets even more this coming week against a Green Bay defense that gives up major yardage to backs not named Ray Rice in the passing game. Grab him and start him this week as a flex. Unless you have a running back on a bye and need help in that department.

Mike Tolbert – Carolina Panthers (RB)

When Cam Newton is on point like he was at Minnesota, it only helps a running game that was so anemic coming in. Now that same running game faces a St. Louis defense that has been anything but precise so far this year, the win against Houston notwithstanding (there were many other issues there, not the least of which was named T.J. Yates). Carolina will be able to run the ball against that defense, and Tolbert has become the go-to guy at the goal line. Roll with Tolbert off the waiver wire and into your starting lineup as a RB2 for this matchup.

Marvin Jones – Cincinnati Bengals (WR)

Jones was heavily involved in the offense for the first real time this year in week 6, and I see no reason Dalton won’t go there again. With A.J. Green getting double coverage, it opens up the field, and both Sanu and Jones are benefiting from it. They both face a defense this week in the Detroit Lions that has been banged up and doesn’t get to the quarterback that quickly. If you give Dalton time he has proven that he can and will find Jones in addition to his number one target, Green.

Marlon Brown – Baltimore Ravens (WR)

Brown was a great fill-in for Jacoby Jones until he himself got hurt, but that didn’t affect his rhythm and rapport with Joe Flacco, and Flacco has proven he will go to several options in the passing game. Baltimore has played great against Pittsburgh in the past couple of years, turning around a rivalry that used to be all about defense but isn’t anymore. The Pittsburgh defense keys in on number one wide receivers, so this should be a big game for the other receivers, like Jones and Brown. Both are great options, but Brown should be available in a majority of leagues on the waiver wire.

Scott Chandler – Buffalo Bills (TE)

It seems like the tight end position is very hard to judge from week to week. Take for instance this past weekend when two of the hottest tight ends were shut down, a guy named Fauria emerged from nowhere to score three touchdowns, and Rob Gronkowski didn’t suit up even though by most reports he was more than ready. Hmmmm. In this topsy turvy world of tight end roulette, I decided to go with the guys who have young quarterbacks who need help. Chandler is one such guy, and he helped Thad Lewis out a lot this past weekend. He can operate in the same role for the foreseeable future. If you’re one of those guys waiting out Gronk on your bench, you should be able to count on solid production from Chandler until he returns.

Jeff Cumberland – New York Jets (TE)

Cumberland has proven himself to be a capable receiver for Geno Smith. Sure, that Pittsburgh defense threw Smith out of whack, but luckily the Jets aren’t going against such a defense this next week. Talib won’t be following him around the field like he was with Graham, which opens up the middle for Cumberland to thrive. I look for a big week from him, even if it takes quite a few catches to make it happen, and even a touchdown from Mr. Smith.



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