Week 7 Survival Football

Okay, ever since I started picking against Jacksonville in my survival football league they seem to bring a bit more game to the football field, and they keep getting me just a little bit scared in the process. In week 6 the team with the biggest possibility of winning, statistically, was Denver, who was playing the aforementioned Jaguars. But in the end, despite the difficulties, Denver came out on top and won by a good margin, even if it wasn’t the margin they should have won by. And that’s okay, because it means I’m still alive, and undefeated, in my survival league. Here are my results from the first six weeks:

Week One: Indianapolis Colts. WON.
Week Two: New England Patriots. WON.
Week Three: Seattle Seahawks. WON.
Week Four: Kansas City Chiefs. WON.
Week Five: St. Louis Rams. WON.
Week Six: Denver Broncos. WON.

Absolutely no one was eliminated in my double-elimination survival league this week as all eight left picked teams that won, going with the Chiefs, the Bengals (barely), and the Broncos. I am still the only one undefeated, but it only gets tougher from here. In fact, this week’s games are some of the toughest ones to pick, especially since I can’t pick any of the teams I’ve already gone with so far. Luckily everyone else is in a similar boat with the teams they’ve chosen already. As always, though, I’m going with the team I think has the best possibility of winning from the teams I have remaining to me.

My pick for the week is the Green Bay Packers. They’re playing at home against the Cleveland Browns who just came back down to earth. The Packers simply do not lose at home, at least not to a team led by Brandon Weeden. This game might be close through a couple of quarters, but the Pack will pull away and win it at home.

If you’re still alive in your survival league and somehow you’ve already used the Packers, the other teams I think have a good possibility of winning this week are Atlanta, Kansas City, and Miami. I would be very wary of the Broncos this week, facing Peyton’s former team. With emotions high, it might be close, and there is no guarantee of a Denver win, not if they play like they did against the Jaguars. Don’t trust New England either. The Jets play tougher at home. Don’t let that game against the Steelers blind you to that. The Patriots defense is not the Steelers D. And I know you want to do it, but avoid the Giants at home against Minnesota. That’s a bait game if I’ve ever seen one. It’s as even as it can get right now. Whoever has the ball last will win that game.

But if you still have them available, go with Green Bay this week. That’s my ultimate advice for week 7.



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