4th and 30

Well, the good news is that for the seventh week in a row I am leading on Monday morning, and from this position I have been 6-0 so far this season. The bad news is that for the first time this year, that lead probably won’t hold up.

It’s like going for it on 4th and 30 from your own one yard line. At least that’s how I see it. I’m up by one and needing a miracle to stay undefeated, a miracle that probably won’t come because my opponent still has one player in the game tonight.

Is it wrong that I find myself hoping that his player, who is questionable, won’t even suit up tonight? I keep checking the recent news on this guy, and the latest report says he is “not expected to play,” whatever that really means. Why is this so important to me?

The answer to that one is easy. I’ve never gone 7-0 in any fantasy football season, and I’m starting to feel jinxed that way. I’ve been 6-0 several times, but that seventh win has always been elusive. It would be even more difficult seeing how many points were discarded there on my bench.

I call it the perfect storm this week, with most of my players not performing to their standards. And most of the ones who did score big points were bench warmers. Ouch. Here is the breakdown so far:

My team has scored 110 points this week. My quarterback (Foles) scored 39 points below his projection, but my team would be up by 30 if I had played Eric Decker (21 fantasy points), and Eddie Royal (12) as my wide receivers instead of Wes Welker (9) and DeSean Jackson (2), and if I had replaced Foles with Tom Brady (16).

And yet the numbers don’t lie, and someone had to sit on my bench. After last week I knew it wasn’t going to be Vincent Jackson, and after this week I’m thinking of trading one of my wide receivers so I’m not forced to make these decisions every week. Odds are your team leaves points on the bench, too, and if so then you know how frustrating it is right now for me waiting to see if Brandon Jacobs plays when it should be a moot point.

So, it’s 4th and 30 from my own one yard line. Do I pick up that first down or do I take the safety? I’m still hoping for that first down, no matter how impossible it might seem.

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