Coming Clean: Week 7

In “Setting Your Lineup” for the week I broke down a couple of either/or’s, some expectations, and tight end recommendations for week 7, according to me, The Fantasy Ace. Every Monday afternoon (or Tuesday morning if some of my players listed are in the Monday Night game) I will be posting “Coming Clean,” a look backward at how well (or poorly) my lineup choices did during the week.


Go with Woodhead over Powell

I promised you 14 standard fantasy points from Woodhead, and he nearly got there, tallying 12 points on the week, with a touchdown. In comparison, Powell ended up with only 6 rushing yards for 0 fantasy points.

Go with Nicks over Wallace

Wallace ended up with 8 standard fantasy points on 76 receiving yards for the Dolphins on Sunday. Nicks only had 2 standard points on 28 receiving yards. He’s officially a bust this season. Good luck getting a huge contract.

What to Expect From:

Stevan Ridley

My expectations for Ridley were for 14 standard fantasy points and he delivered 11, which included a touchdown.

Josh Freeman

I thought Freeman would struggle, getting under 20 fantasy points, and he definitely fit that profile, scoring a meager 5 fantasy points in the matchup against the lowly Giants. The Vikings threw him out there too soon and he looked lost most of the night.

Tight ends I recommended in Week 7 and how they fared:

Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots

Prediction: 70+ receiving yards. 1 touchdown.
Actual: 114 receiving yards. No touchdowns. 11 standard fantasy points.

Antonio Gates – San Diego Chargers

Prediction: 1 touchdown.
Actual: 31 yards. No touchdowns.

Scott Chandler – Buffalo Bills

Prediction: 60 receiving yards. 1 touchdown.
Actual: 18 receiving yards. No touchdowns. 1 fantasy point. Ouch.

Kyle Rudolph – Minnesota Vikings

Prediction: 50 receiving yards. 1 touchdown.
Actual: 27 receiving yards. No touchdowns.

My start of the week was Vincent Jackson and he delivered with 25 standard fantasy points. He is on fire. Keep him active through the rest of the season.



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