Week 7 Results

Seattle @ ARIZONA – LOST. 34-22. Yes, Carson Palmer is that bad, and no, Russell Wilson isn’t that good.

Tampa Bay @ ATLANTA – WON. 31-23. If it wasn’t for Vincent Jackson this wouldn’t even have been this close.

Cincinnati @ DETROIT – WON. 27-24. Andy Dalton finally going to Green and it’s paying dividends.

Buffalo @ MIAMI – LOST. 23-21. Who knows which Bills team shows up from week to week?

New England @ JETS – LOST. 30-27. I still don’t know how that was a penalty.

Dallas @ PHILADELPHIA – LOST. 17-3. No, Nick Foles is not the real deal. I want Vick back.

Chicago @ WASHINGTON – LOST. 45-41. Cutler getting hurt didn’t help things in the nation’s capital.

St. Louis @ CAROLINA – WON. 30-15. That defense is for real. Watch out.

San Diego @ JACKSONVILLE – WON. 24-6. Welcome back to earth, Mr. Blackmon.

San Francisco @ TENNESSEE – WON. 31-17. There’s the Kaepernick running game. Now, keep it around.

Cleveland @ GREEN BAY – WON. 31-13. It’s just not fair for Brandon Weeden to have to face Aaron Rodgers. This was my pick of the week and it paid off.

Houston @ KANSAS CITY – WON. 17-16. I predicted the low-scoring affair, but this one was too close for comfort.

Baltimore @ PITTSBURGH – LOST. 19-16. It was close, but home field held in this one.

Denver @ INDIANAPOLIS – LOST. 39-33. That defense has to play better. The offense can’t carry them all the time, which became obvious Sunday night in Indy.

Minnesota @ GIANTS – WON. 23-7. I really have nothing to say. This game was horrible.



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