Week 8 Survival Football

Carolina_PanthersAs we get deeper into the season the number of viable teams available for us to choose from is beginning to dwindle. If you wanted to be able to use the Giants and you didn’t do it on Monday night against Minnesota I wouldn’t suggest doing it from this point on. That wasn’t turning a corner for the G-men. Instead, that was just taking advantage of one of the few teams that is worse than them right now. It would be like picking them to beat Jacksonville. Sadly, they don’t play them this year, which is why you won’t be picking them again. The same goes for Cleveland now that Hoyer is out for the year. So, who do we go with this week? First, let’s look back at my previous picks…

Week One: Indianapolis – Won.
Week Two: New England – Won.
Week Three: Seattle – Won.
Week Four: Kansas City – Won.
Week Five: St. Louis – Won.
Week Six: Denver – Won.
Week Seven: Green Bay – Won.

As always, I pick my teams each week by early Tuesday morning and I don’t change my pick. It’s too much thinking and overthinking when I do that, and it usually will lead to me making a poor choice in the end. This week was no different, and I’m satisfied that I’ve made the right choice. The obvious choice would be San Francisco playing the aforementioned Jaguars, but I’m still not convinced that San Fran is over its poor decision making that led to the two losses in a row earlier this season. The next obvious choice would be to go with Kansas City over Cleveland, but I’ve already won with Kansas City in week four, so they’re not an option. Instead I’m going with Carolina on the short week. They play winless Tampa Bay, and while I subscribe to the fact that Tampa Bay will win at least a couple of games this season, this won’t be one of them for three very big reasons.

Number One – Cam Newton has finally gotten back to the kind of football that made him so good the past two seasons, and the team is rallying around him on offense. They’re on a three-game winning streak, and it’s in no small part because of the offense.

Number Two – The defense has been smothering, and they don’t even need to be on the short week.

Number Three – No Doug Martin. I know he hasn’t been having a dynamic season so far, but he’s leagues better than the backup choices for Tampa Bay. That means Glennon will have to throw it a lot, and that Carolina defense (see: Number Two) will get their share of turnovers.

This game fits the parameters of my picks by having the team with the greatest possibility of winning this week (that I haven’t already picked) and going with them. So, I’m choosing Carolina this week, and we’ll see how I do. If you have already chosen Carolina this season in your survival league, three other possible choices are New Orleans over Buffalo, Green Bay over Minnesota, or Cincinnati over the Jets.



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