Week 8 Results

Carolina @ TAMPA BAY – WON. 31-13. I’m starting to think Tampa may never win a game this year. Cam looked good.

Dallas @ DETROIT – WON. 31-30. I predicted a close one, and this was exactly that. Stafford crushed me in fantasy.

Cleveland @ KANSAS CITY – WON. 23-17. Campbell started for the Browns and they still made it close. Kudos to KC defense.

Miami @ NEW ENGLAND – LOST. 27-17. Miami started strong and ended weak. Brady still didn’t look good.

Buffalo @ NEW ORLEANS – WON. 35-17. Buffalo hung tough through a half, then got crushed. Graham is a beast.

Giants @ PHILADELPHIA – LOST. 15-7. Philly’s futility at home continues, even though Giants don’t score a touchdown. Bring on Barkley?

San Francisco @ JACKSONVILLE (really in London) – WON. 42-10. Kaepernick is still the real deal, and Niners defense is back.

Jets @ CINCINNATI – WON. 49-9. Marvin Jones scoring 4 touchdowns. Wow, that defense just got gouged!

Pittsburgh @ OAKLAND – WON. 21-18. Those Raiders derail the Pittsburgh revival and win a squeaker. McFadden looked good.

Washington @ DENVER – WON. 45-21. The defense came up big in this one for Denver. The offense has to eliminate turnovers.

Atlanta @ ARIZONA – LOST. 27-13. Turning into a lost season for Atlanta. Wow, that one stung.

Green Bay @ MINNESOTA – WON. 44-31. This game was a lot closer than the final score showed, but Green Bay survived.

Seattle @ ST. LOUIS – WON. 14-9. Seattle just doesn’t look great on the road against Kellen Clemens. St. Louis can run.

My pick of the week was Carolina against Tampa Bay, and they covered handily.


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