Week 9 Results

Cincinnati @ MIAMI – LOST. 22-20. It all starts and ends with Dalton, who was bad in this one.

Kansas City @ BUFFALO – WON. 23-13. The offense wasn’t great, but the defense was overpowering. KC stays unbeaten.

Minnesota @ DALLAS – LOST. 27-23. This one almost became upset city. Give one to Romo shredding the defense at the end.

Tennessee @ ST. LOUIS – WON. 28-21. Chris Johnson is “back.” We’ll see how long that lasts.

New Orleans @ JETS – WON. 26-20. Jets defense looked tough in shutting down everyone but Jimmy Graham.

San Diego @ WASHINGTON – WON. 30-24. If you can’t stop Darrel Young you deserve to lose.

Atlanta @ CAROLINA – WON. 34-10. Chalk it up as a lost season, Atlanta. Carolina’s defense keeps rolling.

Philadelphia @ OAKLAND – WON. 49-20. 7 touchdown passes. Yup.

Tampa Bay @ SEATTLE – WON. 27-24. They got lucky against the worst team in the conference.

Baltimore @ CLEVELAND – LOST. 24-18. That run game has got to get straightened out. It’s about play calling.

Pittsburgh @ NEW ENGLAND. WON. 55-31. Wow, Brady did alright for himself this game. Let’s see if he can keep it up.

Indianapolis @ HOUSTON. WON. 27-24. This one looked bad early, but it turned after the half.

Chicago @ GREEN BAY. LOST. 27-20. Rodgers is the heart of the team. Wallace isn’t the answer.

My pick of the week was Cincinnati to win against Miami, and that safety in the end zone in overtime hurt.


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