Coming Clean: Week 9

In a week that saw me lose my first game of the season in Pick’Em, I actually had a good week nearly across the board regarding my fantasy teams. I picked the right players for my lineups and left the others sitting there on the bench. The best thing I did with three of my lineups was pick up and start Nick Foles, who singlehandedly won those matchups with his seven touchdown passes and over 400 passing yards. I will admit I looked really smart after the fact, but it was a total fluke. I was hoping for maybe 300 yards and a couple of touchdowns from Foles, and he delivered the best week ever for each one of the fantasy leagues in which I played him. But now it’s time to push for the playoffs. Before that, though, I have to Come Clean on all the players I told you to start last week…


Chris Johnson over Stevan Ridley

I definitely made the right choice with this one too, and that feels really good. In fact, CJ2013K came through like gangbusters, scoring the highest fantasy total of any running back, while Ridley also did well, but ended up with 8 less fantasy points than Johnson,the difference between winning and losing your fantasy contest in some cases.

CJ2013K: 23 rushing attempts. 150 rushing yards. 3 receptions. 20 receiving yards. 2 rushing touchdowns. 29 fantasy points.
Ridley: 26 rushing attempts. 115 rushing yards. 3 receptions. 9 receiving yards. 2 rushing touchdowns. 1 fumble lost. 21 fantasy points.

Jarrett Boykin over T.Y. Hilton

And of course since I was completely right on Johnson, I was completely wrong on this one. To my credit, though, I thought Rodgers would be throwing the ball to Boykin, not Seneca Wallace, who was abysmal. And Hilton did almost nothing in the first half, but scored three touchdowns in the second. This one was as lopsided as I thought it would be, just with the opposite players doing the damage.

Boykin: 1 reception. 15 receiving yards. 1 fantasy point.
Hilton: 7 receptions. 121 receiving yards. 3 receiving touchdowns. 30 fantasy points.

What to Expect From

Alex Smith

My prediction: 250 passing  yards. 3 total touchdowns.
Actually: 124 passing yards. No touchdowns.

Tight End Roulette

Martellus Bennett

My prediction: 14+ fantasy points
Actually: 3 fantasy points

Dallas Clark

My prediction: 12+ fantasy points
Actually: 1 fantasy point

Greg Olsen

My prediction: 10+ fantasy points
Actually: 12 fantasy points.


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