Setting Your Lineup For Week 10

Chicago Bears v Carolina PanthersIf you were one of those 4-4 teams that lost last week you are probably in dire straits this week, and your team probably needs to win out to get into the playoffs, with only four fantasy weeks left in the season. That might not even be enough, but whatever you do, don’t give up right now. You never know what could happen to the other teams in your league. They aren’t guaranteed wins just like you aren’t guaranteed continued losses. Your fortunes could turn, but they need to do so this week, so I’m going to scour the waiver wire for you and let you know what pickups you could make to win this one matchup.

If you are 7-2 then you’ll almost definitely make the playoffs but don’t sit pretty either. If you don’t shore up your team for the playoffs you could be out in the first round. I have a team that is 5-4 in a league where there are five other 5-4 teams so anything could happen between now and the end of the season, so just like the team above it is important for me to place particular emphasis on this particular week in order to try and get there. But in another league I am that 7-2 team so I’m doing my best to set my team for the playoffs, which means handcuffing my major players. As Aaron Rodgers showed us last week, you can never be “too” safe. So, to that end, here’s Setting Your Lineup for Week 10…

Waiver Wire Pickups

QB – Jay Cutler. Did you see what Tony Romo did to that Detroit defense? This will be Romo Part II when Cutler returns triumphant over the Lions. He will pass for over 350 yards with at least 3 touchdowns.

QB – Jake Locker. He’s playing against Jacksonville. Count on him for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns.

QB – Case Keenum. Last week against Indianapolis was no fluke, and he shows it with his gunslinging ways this week @ Arizona. But this time the man getting the yards with him is DeAndre Hopkins. Keenum throws for over 250 yards with 2 touchdowns.

RB – BenJarvus Green-Ellis. With all this talk of the ascension of Giovani Bernard, the Law Firm continues to get more than his fair share of the work. He will score a touchdown this week against Baltimore and have at least 50 yards rushing.

RB – Daniel Thomas. Playing @ Tampa Bay isn’t supposed to be easy for a running back, but in recent weeks the sledding has been easier, especially for physical backs, and Thomas fits that mold. Pencil him in for 50 yards and a touchdown.

WR – Cecil Shorts. Someone has to catch what Chad Henne’s throwing in Jacksonville, so why not Shorts? They will be in catchup mode for most of this game so count on Shorts for 60 yards and a touchdown.

WR – Doug Baldwin. Atlanta has been horrible this year against the pass, and now Doug Baldwin comes to town. Wilson has been connecting to Baldwin at a good clip lately. He will go for 75 yards and a touchdown in the ATL.

TE – Joel Dreesen. Julius Thomas is still not at 100% and Dreesen showed before the bye that he and Manning still have chemistry. He won’t play the whole game but he will get his chances near the end zone. Count on him for 8 fantasy points, which will include one touchdown.

TE – Brent Celek. The Packers will look to shutdown the other Eagles’ weapons, and while they won’t succeed, Celek will get rolling for really the first time all season, going off for 100 yards and a touchdown.

D/ST – Eagles. You could do a lot worse than the Eagles this week. They have been playing better of late, and against a Seneca Wallace who will be pressing early they will get their share of sacks and at least two turnovers. They will get you at least 8 fantasy points this week.

D/ST – Raiders. Don’t think just because the Eagles rolled over them means the Giants will too. Eli still doesn’t look right and they couldn’t even score a touchdown against the Eagles a couple of weeks ago. The Raiders have pride and will rebound with a couple of picks against Manning. Count on them for at least 8 fantasy points from the Oakland D this week.


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