Week 10 Results

Washington @ MINNESOTA – WON. 34-27. Yes, Washington’s defense is that bad.

Detroit @ CHICAGO – LOST. 21-19. Cutler stayed in long enough to get hurt again. What a headache.

Jacksonville @ TENNESSEE – LOST. 29-27. They were bound to win one, but this one wasn’t supposed to be it.

St. Louis @ INDIANAPOLIS – LOST. 38-8. Wow, as good as Indy looked against Denver is as bad as they looked here.

Oakland @ GIANTS – LOST. 24-20. The Giants got lucky once again. It won’t happen next week.

Buffalo @ PITTSBURGH – LOST. 23-10. No running game for Buffalo. They were doomed from the start.

Philadelphia @ GREEN BAY – WON. 27-13. Foles is the real deal. Watch out Washington.

Seattle @ ATLANTA – WON. 33-10. Better luck next year, Falcons. Finally questioning Ryan like the Texans did Schaub.

Cincinnati @ BALTIMORE – LOST. 20-17. Cincy keeps finding ways to lose games in OT. It’s not Green’s fault.

Carolina @ SAN FRANCISCO – LOST. 10-9. Wow, when that offense dies, it really dies.

Houston @ ARIZONA – LOST. 27-24. This one could have gone either way. I’m sold on Keenum, though.

Denver @ SAN DIEGO – WON. 28-20. This wasn’t as close as the score makes it appear.

Dallas @ NEW ORLEANS – WON. 49-17. This one was as close as the score makes it appear.

Miami @ TAMPA BAY – WON. 22-19. Miami looked absolutely terrible in this one. Tannehill is regressing.


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