Week 11 Results

Indianapolis @ TENNESSEE – LOST. 30-27. I said it would come down to whoever had the best running back winning, and amazingly enough, on Thursday night, it was Donald Brown who eeked out the win for the Colts.

Washington @ PHILADELPHIA – WON. 24-16. Aside from not stopping the 2-point conversions the Eagles did everything else right, finally winning at home.

Cleveland @ CINCINNATI – WON. 41-20. Only the Bengals could win when their quarterback has only 93 yards passing. The defense saved them again.

Atlanta @ TAMPA BAY – WON. 41-28. Talk about not adjusting to injuries, and Ryan keeps regressing. Who’s the backup?

Oakland @ HOUSTON – LOST. 28-23. No time machine for that defense. When Oakland beats you at home it’s sad.

Baltimore @ CHICAGO – WON. 23-20. All it takes is a 2-hour weather delay to get Chicago a win.

Arizona @ JACKSONVILLE – WON. 27-14. This one wasn’t as close as the final score suggests. Palmer wasn’t horrible.

Detroit @ PITTSBURGH – LOST. 37-27. Faking field goals won’t get you wins in this league.Way to waste that Calvin Johnson performance.

Jets @ BUFFALO – WON. 37-14. Not the close one I predicted, but Bills win nonetheless. Running game was bad, though.

San Diego @ MIAMI – WON. 20-16. Go East, young man. San Diego couldn’t continue its winning ways on the East Coast.

San Francisco @ NEW ORLEANS – LOST. 23-20. The end of that game was abysmal for the 49ers. Let Kaepernick run!

Minnesota @ SEATTLE – WON. 41-20. It was in Seattle.

Green Bay @ GIANTS – LOST. 27-13. Green Bay should hate 27-13 scores, having lost by this identical score to the Eagles.

Kansas City @ DENVER – WON. 27-17. Offense wins over defense this time, but the Denver defense held its own too.

New England @ CAROLINA – LOST. 24-20. Odd ending benefits Carolina, as they get 6th win in a row.


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