Week 12 Results

Pittsburgh @ CLEVELAND – LOST. 27-11. Haden didn’t handle Smith, and that was pretty much the story of this game.

Tampa Bay @ DETROIT – WON. 24-21. Credit that Tampa Bay defense for forcing Stafford into turnovers.

Minnesota @ GREEN BAY – TIE. 26-26. “Wait. We can end in a tie?” – Donovan McNabb.

San Diego @ KANSAS CITY – LOST. 41-38. You give up 41 points, you deserve to lose. This one’s on the defense.

Chicago @ ST. LOUIS – WON. 42-21. St. Louis has more blowouts this season than Denver. Think about that one.

Carolina @ MIAMI – LOST. 20-16. Miami handed this one away when it was within reach.

Jets @ BALTIMORE – WON. 19-3. Geno Smith goes from bad to worse, but he’s not the only reason they lost this one.

Jacksonville @ HOUSTON – LOST. 13-6. Wow, Houston, we have a problem.

Tennessee @ OAKLAND – WON. 23-19. Good road win for the Titans who are very much alive for a playoff spot.

Indianapolis @ ARIZONA – WON. 40-11. Another blowout goes against Indy. They looked lost against this defense.

Dallas @ GIANTS – WON. 24-21. They remain perfect against the NFC EAST, but barely. Romo does enough.

Denver @ NEW ENGLAND – LOST. 34-31. Turnovers cost Denver more points than New England. Enough said.

San Francisco @ WASHINGTON – WON. 27-6. Time for a rebuilding in our nation’s capital.


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