Setting Your Lineup For Week 13

Week 13 is the final week in the majority of fantasy football leagues, and most teams are either already in or already out of their league’s fantasy playoffs. If you’re in, congratulations! But you’re not done yet. If you’re out, there really might be better luck next year. Don’t forget, though, that it takes planning and constant maintenance to do well in fantasy football. Don’t think you can just show up to your draft without a plan and expect to perform well. It just rarely happens that way and even if you happen to draft a good team, you won’t know how to use them correctly to get you optimal points from week to week. For the rest of you who aren’t definitely in or definitely out, this is your week. Go out there and get that win. But it’s not time to take risks at every position. It’s time to take calculated risks where you NEED them, and only where you need them. It’s time for Setting Your Lineup…

Top 5 Quarterbacks (excluding the Thursday games)

 FA Projections  Fantasy Stats
1. Peyton Manning (@ KC)  30 fantasy points
2. Tom Brady (@ HOU)  26 fantasy points
3. Cam Newton (vs. TB)  25 fantasy points
4. Nick Foles (vs. ARZ)  25 fantasy points
5. Drew Brees (@ SEA)  23 fantasy points

Risk/Reward Quarterbacks (excluding the Thursday games)

 FA Analysis  FA Projections
Josh McCown (@ MIN)  Minnesota gives up points to quarterbacks, and McCown has played well in place of Cutler.  250 yards, 2 TD,15+ fantasy points
Russell Wilson (vs. NO)  Saints defense rounding into form but Seattle on a roll. If Wilson avoids turnovers, he does well here.  250 yards, 1 TD,12+ fantasy points
Colin Kaepernick (vs. STL)  He looked good last week, but Rams defense usually plays him well. Ultimate risk/reward QB.  200 yards, 1 TD, 1 rush TD15+ fantasy points
Andy Dalton (@ SD)  Has stumbled lately, but SD gives up tons of points to QBs. Dalton has potential here if you can trust him.  250 yards, 2 TD15+ fantasy points
Alex Smith (vs. DEN)  Don’t look now but Smith is throwing well, and facing the DEN defense that can give up points in bunches.  250 yards, 1 TD13+ fantasy points

Top 5 Running Backs (excluding the Thursday games)

FA Projections Fantasy Stats
1. Jamaal Charles (vs. DEN)  25 fantasy points
2. Marshawn Lynch (vs. SEA)  23 fantasy points
3. LeSean McCoy (vs. ARZ)  23 fantasy points
4. Adrian Peterson (vs. CHI)  20 fantasy points
5. Frank Gore (vs. STL)  18 fantasy points

Risk/Reward Running Backs (excluding Thursday games)

 FA Analysis  FA Projections
 Andre Brown (@ WAS)  Washington’s defense is a mess, and so is Eli, so Brown might have a big day.  100 yards, 1 TD,16 fantasy points
 Matt Forte (@ MIN)  Risk is that they might not need him if McCown performs well in this one. And Bush gets goal-line work.  50 yards, 1 TD,10 fantasy points
 Fred Jackson (vs. ATL)  Freddy has taken a small step back, but ATL is the cure for all ills. He could get it rolling again at home.  60 yards, 20 rec. yards, 1 TD,14 fantasy points
 Giovani Bernard (@ SD)  Sure, he splits work with the Law Firm, but against SD he could shine.  50 yards, 30 rec. yards, 1 TD,14 fantasy points
 Knowshon Moreno (vs. KC)  He would be Top 5 if the injury concern wasn’t real. Real risk here, but he played well against them two weeks ago.  60 yards, 2 TD20 fantasy points

Top 5 Wide Receivers (excluding Thursday’s games)

FA Projections Fantasy Stats
1. Damaryius Thomas (vs. KC)  18 fantasy points
2. A.J. Green (@ SD)  17 fantasy points
3. Brandon Marshall (@ MIN)  16 fantasy points
4. DeSean Jackson (vs. ARZ)  16 fantasy points
5. Josh Gordon (vs. JAC)  15 fantasy points

Risk/Reward Wide Receivers (excluding Thursday’s games)

FA Projections Fantasy Stats
 Alshon Jeffery (@ MIN)  12 fantasy points
 Larry Fitzgerald (@ PHI)  12 fantasy points
 Eric Decker (vs. KC)  12 fantasy points
 Andre Johnson (vs. NE)  10 fantasy points
 Victor Cruz (@ WAS)  10 fantasy points

Top 5 Tight Ends (excluding Thursday’s games)

FA Projections Fantasy Stats
1. Vernon Davis (vs. STL)  15 fantasy points
2. Jimmy Graham (@ SEA)  14 fantasy points
3. Rob Gronkowski (@ HOU)  12 fantasy points
4. Martellus Bennett (@ MIN)  12 fantasy points
5. Jordan Cameron (vs. JAC)  10 fantasy points

Top 5 Kickers (excluding Thursday’s games)

FA Projections Fantasy Stats
1. Steven Hauschka (vs. NO)  14 fantasy points
2. Stephen Gostkowski (@ HOU)  12 fantasy points
3. Robbie Gould (@ MIN)  11 fantasy points
4. Blair Walsh (vs. CHI)  10 fantasy points
5. Dan Carpenter (vs. ATL)  10 fantasy points

Don’t forget that risk/reward means exactly that. The guys you can find on the waiver wire are not goldmines for fantasy points, and you’re just as likely to strike gold as you are to strike out. If you have any of the Top 5 at position, play them over the risk/reward guys every time. And good luck making your league playoffs!



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