Week 13 Results

Green Bay @ Detroit – LOST. 40-10. Shame on me for thinking Matt Flynn was worth a look this week, or that Green Bay’s defense had enough firepower to stop the Detroit offense. I won’t make those mistakes again.

Oakland @ Dallas – LOST. 31-24. At least this one was competitive, and it looked for a little while like Oakland might pull it out. McGloin is definitely a surprise, and in a good way, for the Raiders.

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore – WON. 22-20. Predictably close, this one came down to Flacco fighting harder for a game they had to win.

Arizona @ Philadelphia – WON. 24-21. The Eagles almost let this one slip after building a big lead, but Foles stays strong, and the tight ends had a party this week.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina – LOST. 27-6. Another week, another reason to think maybe the Panthers won’t lose again this season. Or not. Do you honestly see them beating Denver in the Super Bowl?

Jacksonville @ Cleveland – LOST. 32-28. Was any defense actually played in this one?

Tennessee @ Indianapolis – LOST. 22-14. As lackluster as the Colts looked in the past three games, I honestly didn’t see them waking up for this one, but they did, and took care of business. But I’m definitely worried about them come playoff time.

Chicago @ Minnesota – LOST. 23-20. Perfect opportunity for the Bears and they let Minnesota hang around. For shame.

Miami @ Jets – WON. 23-3. The Jets don’t even look like a professional football team right now.

New England @ Houston – LOST. 34-31. Houston had too many chances to lock this game away, but they let Brady come back. Shame on them.

Atlanta @ Buffalo – LOST. 34-31. Left for dead, Atlanta finally wins when it doesn’t matter.

St. Louis @ San Francisco – WON. 23-13. They didn’t need Gore, and good thing since he did pretty much nothing. Welcome back, Mr. Crabtree.

Denver @ Kansas City – WON. 35-28. Again the defenses aren’t much to look at, and how about Eric Decker?!

Cincinnati @ San Diego – WON. 17-10. Low-scoring affair, as I predicted, and Cincy made the plays that mattered, especially on defense.

Giants @ Washington – LOST. 24-17. Getting out to a lead doesn’t work for the Redskins. Nothing seems to work for the Redskins right now. Meh.

New Orleans @ Seattle – LOST. 34-7. Wow. That’s all I’ve got after that beat down.



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