Setting Your Lineup For Week 14

nfl_wk9_Foles_1848x1280For most, the fantasy playoffs are upon us, and you’re probably reading this because you know you have to play things a little differently when the stakes are as high as they are this time of year. If you lose this week 14 matchup, that’s it. All the hard work you did getting ready for the draft, playing the waiver wire, and making hard-nosed trades out the window. You want to win, you NEED to win, and I’m going to do my best to help you win. Now, hopefully you read my Thursday preview and played Maurice Jones-Drew in your league, but if you didn’t, there are several other options at running back, and at every other skill position too. So here’s to Setting Your Lineup for Week 14…

Five Quarterbacks to Count On:

Fantasy Ace Says… FA Projections
 Philip Rivers (vs. NYG)  Rivers throws the deep ball. The Giants haven’t done well against the deep ball all year. Make sense?  28 fantasy points.
 Andy Dalton (vs. IND)  Indianapolis has done poorly against offenses that can throw the ball. Dalton has A.J. Green and Marvin Jones. Both have big days, and carry Dalton along.  25 fantasy points.
 Nick Foles (vs. DET)  Foles has been spectacular against sub-par defenses. Detroit qualifies.  25 fantasy points.
 Joe Flacco (vs. MIN)  The Minnesota defense can’t stop the pass, and Ray Rice hasn’t been great on the ground. Flacco plays gunslinger against the Vikings.  23 fantasy points.
 Matt Ryan (@ GB)  I wouldn’t trust Ryan any other week, but seeing how horrible that GB defense was against Stafford, I see him having a field day.  22 fantasy points.


Matt Flynn, Eli Manning, and Jason Campbell.

Five Running Backs Who Can Make the Difference:

Fantasy Ace Says… FA Projections
 DeMarco Murray (@ CHI)  This should be as obvious as an igloo in an Eskimo village. The Bears defense sucks against the run, and Murray is a great runner.  20 fantasy points.
 Chris Johnson (@ DEN)  Denver has been awful against the run for much of the season, and CJ2013K has rounded into form.  17 fantasy points.
 Danny Woodhead (@ NYG)  Woodhead is the double threat that is good at beating the Giants, being able to run it and catch out of the backfield.  15 fantasy points.
 Alfred Morris (vs. KC)  Morris is due for a big game and KC will be focusing on stopping RGIII. This one suits his eye.  15 fantasy points.
 Fred Jackson (@ TB)  Jackson has been wonderful this season, and as steady as ever. He is in good health and ready for that Buc defense.  14 fantasy points.


Andre Brown, Rashard Mendenhall, and any New England running backs.

Five Spectacular Wide Receiver Choices:

Fantasy Ace Says… FA Projections
 Alshon Jeffery (vs. DAL)  What more does he have to do? Shine your shoes? Jeffery is the real deal, and he exposes the Cowboys defense this week.  18 fantasy points.
 Torrey Smith (vs. MIN)  Just read what I said about Flacco earlier. It applies here too.  16 fantasy points.
 Riley Cooper (vs. DET)  If Foles has a big day, so does his primary target. Get on board the Cooper train.  14 fantasy points.
 Harry Douglas (@ GB)  I’m all in on the Falcons bandwagon after watching the horrendous GB defense. Douglas has a great day.  14 fantasy points.
 Dwayne Bowe (@ WAS)  It’s the Redskins defense. Need I say more? Smith to Bowe. All day long.  13 fantasy points.


Rod Streater, Stevie Johnson, and Kendall Wright.

Five Tight Ends Who Will Be Targeted:

Fantasy Ace Says… FA Projections
 Heath Miller (vs. MIA)  The Dolphins don’t play well against tight ends, and Miller is Big Ben’s security blanket.  12 fantasy points.
 Jared Cook (@ ARI)  Cook is finally back where we thought he’d be this season. He gets his against the Cards.  12 fantasy points.
 Martellus Bennett (vs. DAL)  Dallas does not defend the tight end well, and McCown is getting Bennett the ball.  10 fantasy points.
 Zach Miller (@ SF)  SF will defend the Seattle wide receivers well in this one since they were burned last time. That leaves Miller, and he will deliver.  10 fantasy points.
 Ladarius Green (vs. NYG)  Green is for real, and he faces a Giants defense that isn’t for real.  12 fantasy points.


Greg Olsen, Jason Witten, and Charles Clay.

Good luck in your fantasy playoffs. The key to winning is never to second-guess yourself at the last minute.


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