Week 14 Results

Houston @ JACKSONVILLE – WON. 27-20. Jacksonville must not want the #1 draft choice next year as they keep Houston reeling. Keenum or Schaub? Who knows or cares anymore?

Atlanta @ GREEN BAY – LOST. 22-21. It doesn’t get any closer than this, eh? Either team could have won at either point. Green Bay gets a lucky one.

Kansas City @ WASHINGTON – WON. 45-10. Wow, those Redskins just don’t look very good at all. I think Cousins is your answer for the rest of the season. Save RGIII from even more punishment.

Miami @ PITTSBURGH – LOST. 34-28. Wild game that went back and forth until the very end, but give Miami credit for taking down the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

Cleveland @ NEW ENGLAND – WON. 27-26. Talk about close games this week, the Patriots find another way to win.

Indianapolis @ CINCINNATI – WON. 42-28. I said the Bengals would win by at least 10, and despite four touchdown passes from Mr. Luck, they came through. Dalton is back for the stretch run.

Minnesota @ BALTIMORE – WON. 29-26. Crazy drama in the fourth quarter but Baltimore wins a game they shouldn’t lose, credit due to Marlon Brown’s toes.

Detroit @ PHILADELPHIA – WON. 34-20. The Snow Bowl was a wild affair, but Shady McCoy going over 200 yards helped seal this one for the home team.

Buffalo @ TAMPA BAY – LOST. 27-6. Fine time for Buffalo to get blown out for the first time this year. Manuel was terrible.

Oakland @ JETS – LOST. 37-27. Fine time for the Jets to resemble an actual professional football team. Oakland almost had a comeback in them.

Tennessee @ DENVER – WON. 51-28. The defense keeps giving up points but with Peyton Manning running that offense it hasn’t been a problem very often this season.

Seattle @ SAN FRANCISCO – LOST. 19-17. That San Francisco defense showed me something today I hadn’t seen from them all season. Way to step up and win at home.

St. Louis @ ARIZONA – WON. 30-10. Carson Palmer had 269 yards, and Ellington scored. That’s all you need to know.

Giants @ SAN DIEGO – WON. 37-14. Yes, Eli Manning had another good matchup, and no, once again he didn’t exploit it. He had two more turnovers, which doomed the G-Men, who miss the playoffs this year.

Carolina @ NEW ORLEANS – WON. 31-13. See, that’s how Drew Brees is supposed to play.

Dallas @ CHICAGO – WON. 45-28. I told you the Cowboys’ defense was worse than the Bears’.


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