Setting Your Lineup for Week 15

Matt-Forte-BearsSo, the Broncos’ performance on Thursday night hurt more than a few playoff teams, but the worst thing you can do right now is to react to the lack of points that you expected from such fantasy mainstays as Knowshon Moreno, Montee Ball, Damaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, and Eric Decker. Before you run to the waiver wire to play Rishard Matthews in hopes that he goes off and salvages your playoff run, think about all the other players on your team who have done well for you so far. I mean, you’re a playoff team, so there had to be more players that you relied on to get here. Don’t panic. Here’s to Setting Your Lineup…


Fantasy Ace Says… FA Projections
 Nick Foles (PHI)  Playing against Minnesota, Foles will prove he is a franchise quarterback.  35 fantasy points
 Cam Newton (CAR)  Newton makes use of his legs in this one against the Jets defense, and throwing for multiple TDs.  35 fantasy points
 Andrew Luck (IND)  Luck finds room to throw against that Houston defense, but only has one TD to show for it.  20 fantasy points
 Tom Brady (NE)  Against Miami, and without Gronk, Brady relies on Vereen to run a LOT.  18 fantasy points
 Alex Smith (KC)  Oakland is the salve for all ills, and Smith wasn’t even hurting. He gets it rolling in Oakland.  26 fantasy points
 Matt Ryan (ATL)  Just playing against Washington isn’t enough to play Matt Ryan on a playoff week. He’s hit or miss, even against that defense.  16 fantasy points


Fantasy Ace Says… FA Projections
 DeMarco Murray (DAL)  Green Bay isn’t bad on defending the run. They’re horrible. Murray has a top game.  20 fantasy points
 Matt Forte (CHI)  Cleveland has been in freefall on that defensive line, and Forte takes advantage.  18 fantasy points
 Steven Jackson (ATL)  While Ryan struggles in this one, Jackson thrives, finally healthy and attacking the WAS defense.  15 fantasy points
 Alfred Morris (WAS)  Have you seen that ATL defense lately? And someone needs to protect Cousins.  15 fantasy points
 Ben Tate (HOU)  Avoid Tate this week. Indy gives up many points through the air, and Keenum will go there.  8 fantasy points
 Le’Veon Bell (PIT)  Dalton will rack up points here, and PIT will be playing catch up. Bell fades in the second half.  8 fantasy points


  Fantasy Ace Says… FA Projections
 Andre Johnson (HOU)  Keenum throws it, Johnson catches it. This will be revival of Keenum’s first start. Watch out.  18 fantasy points
 DeSean Jackson (PHI)  Jackson should never be on your bench, as he can always shine no matter opponent. He gets MIN this week. Nuff said.  18 fantasy points
 Torrey Smith (BAL)  So, yes, he let me down last week, but Smith is still the primary weapon for Flacco. He will be needed in this one.  14 fantasy points
 Marques Colston (NO)  He was also a disappointment last week, but things being equal he comes back strong in this one.  13 fantasy points
 Riley Cooper (PHI)  While Jackson thrives, Vikings scheme to keep Cooper out of it because of chemistry between him and Foles. Cooper gets yards but doesn’t score.  9 fantasy points
 Rod Streater (OAK)  Don’t trust any Oakland players this week against a rejuvenated KC defense. Streater suffers.  7 fantasy points


  Fantasy Ace Says… FA Projections
 Jason Witten (DAL)  Has been hit or miss lately, but this week is a hit as he gets the GB defense.  12 fantasy points
 Dennis Pitta (BAL)  Flacco finally has his security blanket back. Just as Smith will gets his, so will Pitta in this one against a suspect DET defense.  12 fantasy points
 Jordan Cameron (CLE)  He returned with a bang last week, but will it last. I think a matchup against CHI keeps it going.  16 fantasy points
 Garrett Graham (HOU)  IND is suspect against tight ends, so Graham has a good one.  12 fantasy points
 Heath Miller (PIT)  The CIN defense is for real, and they’re coming around again. Miller struggles in this one.  6 fantasy points
 Brandon Myers (NYG)  He’s playing against Seattle.  6 fantasy points

As always, kickers are hard to predict, but judging from past performance and strength of opposing defense, I would recommend Graham Gano, Adam Vinatieri, and Dan Bailey. The same goes for defenses, so I look at the offenses faced by each defense when choosing defenses this week. That means I would play defenses like the Cardinals, the Saints, and the Cowboys. Of course, if you have elite options at any of you positions go with them. Always trust your studs. Good luck this week!

The Fantasy Ace


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