Week 15 Results

Buffalo @ JACKSONVILLE – WON. 27-20. Woods scored his first TD since week 4 and Manuel was passable.Buffalo slows down the Jaguars, winning late.

Houston @ INDIANAPOLIS – WON. 25-3. The lost seasons continues for the Texans. Better luck next year.

Chicago @ CLEVELAND – WON. 38-31. This one was more competitive than it needed to be, thanks to the interceptions thrown by Cutler, but he knocked the rust off and the Bears are in position to win the division.

Washington @ ATLANTA – LOST. 27-26. Of all the dumb calls. I mean, I know the season is over but seriously Shanahan…

Philadelphia @ MINNESOTA – LOST. 48-30. Well, at least the Cowboys lost too. You have to get McCoy the ball more.

Seattle @ GIANTS – LOST. 23-0. Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking with the Giants pick in this one. I won’t do that again.

San Francisco @ TAMPA BAY – WON. 33-14. Now, this is the way Kaepernick should be allowed to play all the time. 49ers are back.

New England @ MIAMI – WON. 24-20. Tom Brady led the Patriots on a comeback drive. It was just too early. Nice win from the Dolphins who keep their own playoff hopes alive.

Kansas City @ OAKLAND – WON. 56-31. Wow, Jamaal Charles is a beast. They should have left him in the game after the fifth touchdown. He might have gotten to 10. He was THAT good.

Jets @ CAROLINA – WON. 30-20. This game was closer than it really should have been, but the better team won.

New Orleans @ ST. LOUIS – WON. 27-16. Build a big lead, then let them come back but not all the way. Yeah, that’s the St. Louis way.

Arizona @ TENNESSEE – WON. 37-34. Fitzpatrick played better than I thought, and the Cardinals’ defense wasn’t as dynamic as it usually is, but they still found a way to win.

Green Bay @ DALLAS – LOST. 37-36. That Dallas defense just keeps finding ways to lose games. They gave the Eagles an early Christmas present.

Cincinnati @ PITTSBURGH – LOST. 30-20. I just now learned my lesson when it comes to Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. Yikes.

Baltimore @ DETROIT – WON. 18-16. All field goals, Baltimore? But a win is a win.

The Fantasy Ace

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