Championship or Bust

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Kansas City ChiefsWell, first I want to say that I made it to the finale of my favorite league, and I owe a wealth of gratitude to everyone who got me there. So, thank you DeSean Jackson, Mike Wallace, LeSean McCoy, Joe Flacco, and a huge thanks to Jamaal Charles (who has the same birthday as me) for getting me to the championship game! But it’s not over yet. Our goal was to not only get to the championship but to win it. In order to add that trophy to my case I need to map out a plan to win this week. It’s win this week or bust, so I’m doing what I propose everyone does: NOTHING.

I’m going to play the exact same lineup this week as I did last week with no changes whatsoever. That means the players who disappointed will get a chance to redeem themselves and the ones who did well will get a chance for an encore. Now is not the time to get cute, to start playing the waiver wire looking for what are perceived matchup strengths, or for second-guessing my team members. Now is the time to trust the guys who got me here, and to hope that they are worthy of that trust come gametime Sunday or Monday. Here is my lineup for the championship game:

QB – Joe Flacco
RB1 – Jamaal Charles
RB2 – LeSean McCoy
WR1 – DeSean Jackson
WR2 – Eric Decker
TE – Martellus Bennett
FLEX – Mike Wallace
D/ST – Carolina
K – Dan Carpenter
HC – Chiefs Coach

I’ve gotten to the championship game with a true team effort, as my team was 10-3 during the regular fantasy season, but no one person each week was responsible for the victories. It was a balanced attack week in and week out, and this past week was no exception. I had standout performances from people who are inconsistent (like Mike Wallace), from people who are consistent (like Dan Carpenter and the Chiefs coach), and from people who stepped up and gave all-world efforts (like DeSean Jackson and Jamaal Charles). In fact, by the time Joe Flacco stepped in on Monday night the semifinal was long over.

And that’s a microcosm of my entire season, having the quarterback be pretty much an afterthought. In fact, the quarterback position has been a revolving door of sorts all season long for me, and yet my team kept winning because of that whole team effort I spoke about earlier. In fact, I might even benefit from LeSean McCoy having an off game last week (which still got me 9 fantasy points) because now he’s rested and he gets to play against the horrible Chicago run defense. My opponent in the final has Nick Foles, so I’m also hoping he throws early and often to Jackson so it will effectively erase the point lead he would generally have over Flacco.

But in the end it comes down to trusting my guys, and each one of them has earned my trust if not over the entire season, over enough time that I’m done second-guessing. That being said, Wes Welker may or may not play, but I’m leaving him on my bench regardless. He’s done enough to help me this season, but I would be worried about him not playing much or not playing up to his level because of the concussion or because they want to ease him back into the offense. That’s the luxury of having the players I do at wide receiver. I don’t even miss him, and that’s a good way to arrive at the championship.

Championship or bust.

The Fantasy Ace


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