Week 16 Results

New Orleans @ CAROLINA. WON – 17-13. Carolina corrals Drew Brees for the most part, the offensive line was great protecting Cam Newton, and the Panthers take over first place in their division.

Minnesota @ CINCINNATI. WON – 42-14. The “good” Andy Dalton came out to play this week, tossing four touchdowns and looking once again like a franchise quarterback. We’ll see if it remains that way come playoff time.

Dallas @ WASHINGTON. LOST – 24-23. Letting Tony Romo get off that throw in the end zone on fourth down is inexcusable, and Washington again throws away a game it should have won.

Indianapolis @ KANSAS CITY. LOST – 23-7. This loss isn’t just on the defense, but being down early didn’t help their offense out in the least. Alex Smith looked like a game manager instead of the #1 quarterback he resembled the previous two games.

Tampa Bay @ ST. LOUIS. LOST – 23-13. Wow, there’s no way I should have been all in on Mike Glennon this week. My bad.

Cleveland @ JETS. LOST – 24-13. Well, of course we got the “good” Jets this week, the ones who might have been able to make the playoffs if they hadn’t gotten derailed too often by the “bad” Jets.

Denver @ HOUSTON. WON – 37-13. Thank you for not doubting the Broncos, even after that miserable loss last Thursday. Nice job on Manning for setting the new record.

Miami @ BUFFALO. LOST – 19-0. Way to stop a roll. Who would have guessed Buffalo would shut out the red hot Dolphins? Trap game.

Tennessee @ JACKSONVILLE. LOST – 20-16. I was right on the close game, but wrong on the victor. Fitzpatrick does just enough to win this one on the road.

Giants @ DETROIT. LOST – 23-20. What a bizarre weekend, and it continues with the Giants winning in Motown.

Arizona @ SEATTLE. WON – 17-10. Well, at least my upset pick of the week comes through, with the Cardinals proving that you can beat Seattle in Seattle. I hope they get in the playoffs, but I doubt Atlanta beats San Francisco to help them out.

Oakland @ SAN DIEGO. LOST – 26-13. Yeah, Oakland has given up on even playing for positive vibes this season.

New England @ BALTIMORE. LOST – 41-7. I was right. Brady didn’t look great, but he didn’t have to when the Ravens were busy turning the ball over any chance they got. If they don’t make the playoffs they have no one to blame but themselves.

Pittsburgh @ GREEN BAY. LOST – 38-31. Green Bay still has life after the Chicago loss in the night game, but they had a prime opportunity against Pittsburgh and threw it away. Will Rodgers be back? He might need to be in order for the Pack to beat the Bears in a winner take all game.

Chicago @ PHILADELPHIA. WON – 54-11. I was right, and now facing the Cowboys without Tony Romo, they can get the 3rd seed in the NFC.

Atlanta @ SAN FRANCISCO. WON – 34-24. San Fran seals playoffs.

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