Finale Recap

The bad news is that I didn’t make the championship game in five of my fantasy leagues. The worse news is that out of those five, I didn’t even make the playoffs in two. But the great news is that of the two teams that I took to the championship game, both of them won, and in completely different ways. Here were my championship lineups…

Team Eagles

Boom! Shake the Room.

QB – Alex Smith – 4 POINTS QB – Joe Flacco – 12 POINTS
RB1 – Jamaal Charles – 19 POINTS RB1 – Jamaal Charles – 19 POINTS
RB2 – Knowshon Moreno – 9 POINTS RB2 – LeSean McCoy – 27 POINTS
WR1 – Damaryius Thomas – 18 POINTS WR1 – DeSean Jackson – 3 POINTS
WR2 – Pierre Garcon – 20 POINTS WR2 – Eric Decker – 25 POINTS
TE – Tony Gonzalez – 12 POINTS TE – Martellus Bennett – 8 POINTS
FLEX – Alshon Jeffery – 7 POINTS FLEX – Mike Wallace – 3 POINTS
K – Robbie Gould – 5 POINTS K – Dan Carpenter – 13 POINTS
D/ST – Miami Dolphins – 7 POINTS D/ST – Carolina Panthers – 16 POINTS

For comparison’s sake, it’s interesting to note that I had the same pick in each draft (9th place), and that both were in 12-team leagues. but as you can see each team has an almost completely different lineup. In both teams I obviously didn’t value the quarterback position, choosing signal callers that were as likely to score double digits as they were to score single digits each week. I had a strong WR1 in each league, and two powerful running backs that paced my attack in both leagues all season.

You can tell who my strongest team was all season, but both teams changed significantly throughout the course of the season. I won handily with Boom! Shake the Room. in their championship by 34 points, and I won with Team Eagles by a whopping five, but both count as wins and as championships and I’m proud of both teams. The key was to stick with my guys, playing Eric Decker in the finale even when he bombed the week before, and sticking with Tony Gonzalez in the final when it looked like he might not even play. It was his 12 points that brought me back from behind to win that championship.

It’s the first time that I’ve won all of the championship games I got to in a fantasy season, and I’m really proud of both of my teams, one for winning in record fashion (Boom! won by an average of 20 points a contest), and one by the skin of my teeth (Team Eagles won by an average of 3 points a contest). All of my “extra” players contributed, those players I picked late in my drafts and the ones who I picked up off the waiver wire, and that’s what you need to have happen for you in order to take your league. You also need to get lucky and avoid injuries. By staying away from Aaron Rodgers, Arian Foster, and many others who ended their seasons early or who missed significant time, I was able to keep my same lineups most of the season.

And that’s my advice to you when it’s’ time for next year’s draft. Try to pick the “safe” choices, and always go with running backs first. Jamaal Charles singlehandedly won my semifinal games for me, and McCoy picked up the slack in the championship game in one league while Pierre Garcon and Alshon Jeffery came through in the other. All in all it was a good season across all of my fantasy leagues, and two great finales. It’s all I could have asked for when I was setting up my drafts.

The Fantasy Ace


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