Setting Your Lineup for Week 17

Riley Cooper, Kyle ArringtonMost fantasy seasons are over, and if you won, great for you. If you lost, then better luck next year. And for a select few the fantasy season isn’t even over yet, with some leagues going all the way to this week for their championship games. My biggest piece of advice for you if you’re in the championship this week is not to sit on your laurels. Contrary to last week, this week has a bevy of players who may not play, or may play in a limited role that you need to watch out for.

First things first: sit all Kansas City players. And I know, if you have Jamaal Charles, he got you here, but Andy Reid is not going to risk his best player on a meaningless game. Neither should you. Here’s where having a quality backup should come in handy. If you did what I said at the beginning of the playoffs and picked up Knile Davis then you’re all set. He will have a great opportunity this week against a weak San Diego run defense. Keep that theme going this week. Your championship could be won or lost on players you wouldn’t have thought twice of playing in the regular season or throughout the playoffs to this point. Here’s to Setting Your Lineup…

Four to START

QBs The Fantasy Ace Says… FA Predictions
 Nick Foles  I know what happened the first time around against DAL, but Foles has matured, and the Eagles know what they’re up against now. Start him with confidence.  32 fantasy points
 Andy Dalton  I know all about Dalton’s poor track record against BAL, but he just got on another hot streak and I think it continues here and they end BAL’s season.  26 fantasy points
 Ryan Tannehill  He let me down last week, but he has a good chance to rebound here, and I think he does against a Jets defense that is looking to the offseason.  26 fantasy points
 Andrew Luck  Talk about making a believer out of me in one game. Luck is back and just in time. Roll with him against JAC because he will have a good game.  24 fantasy points

Four to SIT

QBs The Fantasy Ace Says… FA Predictions
 Philip Rivers  I think he presses here with the season on the line, and the Chargers lean on the running game against KC. Too inconsistent.  15 fantasy points
 Cam Newton  You’re probably starting him if you have him, but temper your expectations. Atlanta always plays him tough, and they do it again here.  18 fantasy points
 Ryan Fitzpatrick  Don’t get pretty starting him against HOU thinking they suck so it works. It’s still Fitzpatrick, and he will find a way to underperform in this one.  14 fantasy points
 Carson Palmer  That SF defense is starting to look like its old self, and I think they force the Cards into running.  15 fantasy points

Four to START

RBs The Fantasy Ace Says… FA Predictions
 Eddie Lacy  Lacy faces that CHI defense. Enough said.  18 fantasy points
 Alfred Morris  Morris has a lot to prove in this one, and I think Cousins leans on him against the Giants.  16 fantasy points
 Joique Bell  We all know about Reggie Bush’s fumbling problems. He is on a short leash and Bell has a good day in his stead.  16 fantasy points
 Knile Davis  I’ve already sung his praises for this week, and he has a juicy matchup. He’s a speedster and he will shine.  18 fantasy points

Four to SIT

RBs The Fantasy Ace Says… FA Predictions
 CJ Spiller  If you were even thinking of starting him, adjust your thinking. He is the epitome of inconsistent. This is a lost season for him. Leave him on your bench.  5 fantasy points
 Steven Jackson  Jackson is up against CAR this week, and their defense is strong against the run. ATL will also have to throw it to keep up.  5 fantasy points
 Chris Ivory  Like I said about the Jets earlier, the same applies to Ivory. When they get down, and they will in this one, they will throw the ball more and Ivory isn’t as involved in the passing game.  4 fantasy points
 Ray Rice  Rice looks like he’s done, and I don’t see anything changing against that solid CIN defense.  6 fantasy points

Four to START

WRs The Fantasy Ace Says… FA Predictions
 Pierre Garcon  Cousins to Garcon. All day long. Easiest pick of the week.  20 fantasy points
 Riley Cooper  DAL’s defense gives up a lot of points to receivers, and Cooper is still getting a lot of looks from Foles. This is the week he cashes in. Start both Coop and Jackson in this one.  16 fantasy points
 Brian Hartline  Sticking with my theme of #2 receivers doing well this week, Hartline will keep the trend going against a NYJ defense that gives up point to #2 receivers.  13 fantasy points
 Anquan Boldin  Boldin is the de facto #1 receiver in SF until Crabtree really gets up to speed, but that time is coming soon, and Boldin takes advantage until then. Like this week.  12 fantasy points

Four to SIT

WRs The Fantasy Ace Says… FA Predictions
 Keenan Allen  As Rivers goes, so goes his top receiver.  8 fantasy points
 Mike Wallace  I said he was back, and then he gets 3 fantasy points. Fool me once…  5 fantasy points
 Torrey Smith  You probably are playing him anyway, but CIN has played well against #1 receivers.  5 fantasy points
 Marques Colston  He helped you get into the playoffs but has been cold since. The cold spell continues here.  3 fantasy points

Four to START

TEs The Fantasy Ace Says… FA Predictions
 Jason Witten  I was down on him last week, and he played to my expectations. With Romo out, I think Orton leans on him to keep pace with PHI.  14 fantasy points
 Delanie Walker  Walker has been solid when he’s played. Against a tired HOU team, I think he shines.  12 fantasy points
 Brandon Myers  My first time picking a Giants player to start, but Myers has a good matchup against WAS this week.  10 fantasy points
 Dennis Pitta  Pitta actually has good history against CIN, and he will need to step up in this one.  12 fantasy points

Four to SIT

TEs The Fantasy Ace Says… FA Predictions
 Ladarius Green  Inconsistency plagues the TE position in SD, and Green will suffer this week against KC.  3 fantasy points
 Zach Ertz  That time share with Celek hurts both of them. Your guess is as good as mine as to who gets the points.  3 fantasy points
 Jordan Cameron  He is questionable for this game, but even if he does play, he has been inconsistent of late.  2 fantasy points
 Andrew Quarless  Yes, Rodgers is back, but he will lean on the running game a lot, at least early. In the passing game he will have to go downfield with Nelson and Jones.  4 fantasy points

*As for kickers and defenses, I say stick with the ones that got you this far. Not much should change for them this week even in week 17, and you’ll kick yourself if you grab one off the waiver wire and they do poorly for you. Just for sport, though, check out the past two weeks for the IND defense. Interesting.

Above all, good luck in your championship games, and avoid all Kansas City players at all costs.

The Fantasy Ace


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