Week 17 Picks

Baltimore @ CINCINNATI – Baltimore won the first meeting in overtime, a game they should have honestly won in regulation, but we all know about the tip. Cincinnati’s defense was solid in that one, but they’ve been even better since, especially at home. I look for this one to be a low-scoring game, and Cincinnati takes it to send Baltimore home for the winter. Pick – Cincinnati.

Washington @ GIANTS – Well, people are leaving the Redskins for dead, but Mike Shanahan and that whole organization have too much pride to go gently into the good night. Remember, they almost beat Tony Romo and the Cowboys last week, AND they held the Cowboys to 24 points. I think Cousins steps up here and gets himself a good contract with another team. Pick – Washington.

Houston @ TENNESSEE – This one comes down to whoever has the most gas left in the tank, and I think the Texans are already looking to the offseason. I think Tennessee wins this meaningless game quite handily. Pick – Tennessee.

Jacksonville @ INDIANAPOLIS – I’m not convinced that the Indy team that showed up last week and orchestrated the blowout is the real Indy squad. I just see too many holes in the armor to trust in them this week against a hungry Jacksonville squad that wants to end the season on a high note. Pick – Jacksonville.

Jets @ MIAMI – I’m not a Jets fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I think they make a run at this one. Too bad for them, though, because Tannehill uses this game as a bounce back after the embarrassment against Buffalo last week. I think Hartline has a gem of a game, and the Dolphins take it going away. Pick – Miami.

Carolina @ ATLANTA – Speaking of pride, Atlanta has a lot of that, and Roddy White is back to being, well, Roddy White. Of course it’s too late for most fantasy owners, but not too late for the Falcons team. I think they take advantage of Carolina in this one, whose defense will fail them for the first time in a while. Pick – Atlanta.

Detroit @ MINNESOTA – Sure, both of these teams have nothing to play for, but I see Detroit using this as a statement game, one that says they never gave up on the season, even if it is over after this one win or lose. I think Megatron has a big game and Stafford avoids the key turnovers. Pick – Detroit.

Cleveland @ PITTSBURGH – Why not Cleveland? Pittsburgh has been defying the odds of late, and amazingly enough they still have playoff hopes here, but I think those hopes get dashed as Cleveland comes to town. They can harrass Big Ben, which will lead to hurried throws and incompletions. And I think on the offensive side Josh Gordon takes on all comers. Get ready for a high scoring game, but the Browns win a shocker in Pittsburgh. Pick – Cleveland.

St. Louis @ SEATTLE – That defense is for real! Of course I’m talking about the Rams defense in this one. The Seattle passing attack is one-dimensional, Marshawn Lynch looks gassed, and they just lost for the first time at home all season to a strong defensive team. Add to it that they barely beat the Rams in their first meeting of the year, and this one is set up for an upset special. Pick – St. Louis.

Green Bay @ CHICAGO – This one is a heavyweight battle, or it would be if Jay Cutler wasn’t still turnover prone, and if Aaron Rodgers wasn’t coming off of a seven week layoff. I think this one will come down to the defenses and the running backs. Both teams have poor defenses, Green Bay against the pass, and Chicago against the run, and both also have quality running backs in Eddie Lacy and Matt Forte. I think the Chicago defense pressures Rodgers in his return, and Matt Forte has a better day on the ground. Advantage: Bears. Pick – Chicago.

San Francisco @ ARIZONA – It won’t be easy to win in the desert, but I see the 49ers doing just enough to make it happen, knowing that it could possibly be for the division win over Seattle. I think Kaepernick steps up and Anquan Boldin has a huge game. Pick – San Francisco.

Denver @ OAKLAND – The Broncos can sew up homefield throughout the playoffs with this one. They will go pedal to the medal to make it happen, and Manning will do a little more rewriting of the history books. Pick – Denver.

Buffalo @ NEW ENGLAND – Yes, I know all about the horrible history Buffalo has in Foxborough, but I also saw how they dismantled Miami last week, and I think they’re on a roll. Without the turnovers their defense forced last week, New England would have barely scraped by. I see this one being a close game, with Fred Jackson being the difference, punching in two touchdowns. Pick – Buffalo.

Tampa Bay @ NEW ORLEANS – This comes down to venue for me. And with New Orleans at home I think they’re able to beat Mike Glennon and company. Pick – New Orleans.

Kansas City @ SAN DIEGO – Many are writing this one off as a San Diego win because Kansas City has nothing to play for, and so will probably sit its starters for much of the game. But being from Philly, I know Andy Reid and he never lays down for anyone. Look for some innovative plays, even from backup guys, and I think Kansas City takes a shocker to end San Diego’s season. Pick – Kansas City.

Philadelphia @ DALLAS – This one is for the NFC East title and a berth in the playoffs. And for the Eagles it could mean the #3 seed if they get in. Dallas has a notoriously horrible defense while the Eagles defense has been much better of late (if you don’t count the Viking game). Dez Bryant is hurting though he will play, and Tony Romo is out. It’s a recipe for Eagle domination, and Nick Foles will look to redeem himself. I think he gets it done, and they get it done. Eagles in a rout. Pick – Philadelphia.

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