Week 17 Results

Baltimore @ CINCINNATI – Well, Dalton didn’t look as sharp as I thought he would, but he did just enough to make sure Baltimore won’t be repeating as Super Bowl champions. WON. 34-17.

Washington @ GIANTS So I gave the Redskins the benefit of the doubt, but there was no doubt neither of these teams deserved to win one more game this season. LOST. 20-6.

Houston @ TENNESSEE – Houston has more than a few issues, and it’s obvious it wasn’t simply Gary Kubiak’s fault. There is a lot of reshuffling about to happen in the Lone Star State. WON. 16-10.

Jacksonville @ INDIANAPOLIS – Well, Indianapolis convinced me they might have a chance against the Chiefs next week. Now watch they let me down again. LOST. 30-10.

Jets @ MIAMI – One word – Choke. LOST. 20-7.

Carolina @ ATLANTA – How many one point games can Atlanta possibly have lost this year? Well, add one more to the list. LOST. 21-20.

Detroit @ MINNESOTA – Well, Minnesota has a way of winning games when it doesn’t even matter, and losing the ones that matter most. This one fits firmly in the former category. LOST. 14-13.

Cleveland @ PITTSBURGH – Too bad for Pittsburgh that this one ended up not meaning anything after all, but they played hard until the end, taking care of business in this final game of their season. LOST. 20-7.

St. Louis @ SEATTLE – Seattle may have won another one at home, but with that offense that can look anemic at times, I don’t know if they can go far in this year’s playoffs. LOST. 27-9.

Green Bay @ CHICAGO – In my mind, it all comes down to that fumble that Boykin scored on because everyone was standing around. If they don’t whistle the play dead, KEEP PLAYING. LOST. 33-28.

San Francisco @ ARIZONA – It looked early like it was going to be a cakewalk for the 9ers, but give Arizona some credit even though they end up on the outside looking in at the playoffs. WON. 23-20.

Denver @ OAKLAND – The Broncos made sure there was no doubt. Now, to see if they can keep it up throughout the playoffs. WON. 34-14.

Buffalo @ NEW ENGLAND – And the Bills keep their horrible history alive against the Patriots in New England. Better luck next year. LOST. 34-20.

Tampa Bay @ NEW ORLEANS – Strong at home, New Orleans makes a statement, but can they beat the Eagles outdoors on Saturday night? We’ll see. WON. 42-17.

Kansas City @ SAN DIEGO – Why not kick the field goal in overtime? I am scratching my head at one that got away. LOST. 27-24.

Philadelphia @ DALLAS – Well, it wasn’t quite the rout I predicted, but it could have been. If not for the Foles fumble and the loss of downs at the goal line it would have been. McCoy was dynamic as always, and Foles showed up. WON. 24-22.

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