Playoff Challenge: Championship Points

peyton-manning-broncosWell, I had one half of the Super Bowl picked correctly, so I’m relatively pleased. On the negative side, I lost three players on my Playoff Challenge team when the 49ers decided they wanted to lose that game (or when the officials agreed with them, whichever came first). Luckily for me all the players I had from the Broncos will all get me bonus multipliers in the big game. That’s 3x points from Manning, from Ball, and from Julius Thomas, and 4x points from Moreno and from Damaryius Thomas. This still leaves me a chance at second place in my league as I moved up two spots to #8 overall, but I have to be smart with the three players I choose to complete my team.

And if you still have a chance to be top 3 in your Playoff Challenge league, you should also be smart about those players that could help you or hurt your chances. Here are some championship points for you:

* If you lost your quarterback (you had Kaepernick or Brady), it’s going to be near impossible for you to make up any ground at all. Unless Manning gets hurt on the very first drive of the day, too many people have him getting bonus multipliers to give you a chance with him at just 1x or with Wilson at 1x.

* All those people who were riding the Lynch/Gore train will take a tumble. Too many people had the Lynch/Moreno combination who will be scoring bonus multipliers from both players in the Super Bowl round that even if they approach their possibilities you will be left high and dry.

* The best bet for you to gain ground is to have a group of bonus multipliers yourself that no one else has, but that will get you points nevertheless. Someone like a Zach Miller, if you picked him up early, or even before this last round, could do you wonders with a 2x or 3x bonus. Or someone like who I’m pinning my hopes on in a Montee Ball could have a game for the ages, and the 3x bonus can only help me against someone who had the Lynch/Gore tandem and now will only have one of those players in the bonus.

* Go with the Denver defense. You’d be surprised but they’re playing very well against the run, and if they win this game you will get 5 bonus points for the win. That could be the difference between second and third, or between fourth and third place. In addition, there are so many people going with the Seattle defense that you could gain points just based on if the Denver offense has a great day. There is absolutely no downside to going with the Denver defense, and a lot of possible upside. When trying to gain ground, go with the less-traveled path.

* Many people are staying away from the Seattle receivers, thinking that Lynch will carry this team, so why not grab one of them, the one that is the hottest right now, Doug Baldwin? Sure, Harvin will be back, but he won’t be at 100%, and Baldwin just proved he has big game, big play ability. Yet, people would rather go with Decker or Welker, so roll the dice. If you’re feeling like taking a big risk for a possibly big reward, go with Golden Tate too. They can both have big games in a losing effort, or a come from behind effort. Think about it.

The point is, if you were left high and dry by either the Patriots or the 49ers, like I was, all bets are off. Just don’t go with the number one picked players to fill in your sudden holes. You will only keep losing ground, and if you’re not gaining, why go with Manning if most others are doing the same? If most people in your league have Damaryius Thomas playing for them, what would it gain you to have him playing for you for just this one week? It’s all in perspective.

The Fantasy Ace


2 responses to “Playoff Challenge: Championship Points

  1. I was disappointed with the 49ers this week–that is a game they could have should have won.

    Baldwin has always been an under the radar guy. Like you said, a good pick up.

    • Yes, the 49ers were the better team. They just didn’t play like it for a full game. They let the Seahawks get inside of their heads, and the run by Lynch should never have happened. That game definitely hurt.

      As for Baldwin, I’ve always liked him, or as much as I can like any of the Seattle receivers. Denver has been very vulnerable through the air, so why not pick on that in this matchup since their running defense just shut down Blount and Ridley? Tell you the truth, I like Hauschka over Prater too.

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