Playoff Challenge: The Super Bowl

Super-Bowl-XLVII-011It’s almost time for the big game, and if you’re like me, you’re probably second-guessing your decisions on who you’re going to play for the Super Bowl. You’re probably going one of three ways. Do you go with all Denver players + Marshawn Lynch? Do you go with all Seattle players + Knowshon Moreno? Do you go with a clear mix of players from both teams?

The most popular Super Bowl roster on’s Playoff Challenge site closely resembles the first route, and I think the vast majority of people will be choosing this method, but is it the best one for you? Here’s the most popular roster:

QB – Peyton Manning
RB – Marshawn Lynch
RB – Knowshon Moreno
WR – Damaryius Thomas
WR – Eric Decker
TE – Julius Thomas
K – Matt Prater
DEF/ST – Seahawks

If you’re leading your league’s Playoff Challenge then be my guest and go with this exact lineup. Since the majority of people are choosing it, you should at least keep pace and still win. But that is also your problem if you’re one of those people coming from behind. If you want to win your league and you’re not in the lead right now, you need to work with the third method and hope you have all-world performances from the people you pick for your team. Here’s a risky but promising roster:

QB – Peyton Manning
RB – Marshawn Lynch
RB – Montee Ball
WR – Damaryius Thomas
WR – Doug Baldwin
TE – Jacob Tamme
K – Steven Hauschka
DEF/ST – Denver

With this lineup you cover yourself in case Lynch and Thomas go off and have monster games, but you play the averages. Seattle has a great run defense, so maybe they can do good work against Moreno. Denver will mix it up with Ball, who offers a good change of pace. Harvin will be back for Seattle to take some of the pressure off the other receivers, so Baldwin (who has been hot) gets a chance to shine in a possible catchup role. Tamme is a true wild card, but he did score against the Patriots, and so many people are going with Julius Thomas that if he doesn’t have a good game then either Tamme or Zach Miller can do wonders for your chances.

The last two spots are also in catchup mode. Hauschka has been almost perfect, and Seattle may struggle to score points in the red zone, judging from how solid the Denver defense has been lately, especially against the run. That leaves field goal opportunities, and Hauschka should shine. Believe in the Denver defense or not, but there’s no denying that the vast majority of people are picking Seattle’s defense, so what can you lose by going the other way? I’m proud to say I’m going with the Denver defense this week.

This should be a good Super Bowl, although I think if Denver’s offense can just stay on the field long enough they will put up a ton of points. Can Seattle hang with them? Are they more than just defense? We’ll see. I predict a Denver victory because I think they have too many weapons even for that Seattle defense, and Seattle doesn’t have the 12th Man to help them this week. Denver by 10 points.

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2 responses to “Playoff Challenge: The Super Bowl

  1. Yeah, your first roster makes lots of sense. I just have trouble playing both sides of a roster like during the regular season if I have a QB like Peyton Manning and the Jets defense, I start the Jets that week–it drives me nuts to have to cheer for a QB to do well, but not too well against my DEF.

    Saying that, I would be a contrarian and go with Manning and the Broncos DEF. I think it will be difficult to shut all the Broncos weapons down, and Seattle can win, but I see Manning enjoying the use of audibles at the line–something opponents suffering in Seattle have not been able to do this year.

    Good luck with your team.

    • Honestly, I don’t think Marshawn Lynch will have a good game. It’s a gut feeling, but that Denver defense has been lights out against the run lately. In fact, I am playing both Moreno and Ball instead of using Lynch, and hoping my gut pays off. It also helps that I have multipliers on most of my Denver players.

      I like that you would go with Manning and the DEN defense. It’s what I’m doing. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not playing Jacob Tamme. I’ve got Julius Thomas in my lineup like 86% of Playoff Challenge participants. I’m just saying if you’re woefully behind maybe you should take a flier on someone like him or Miller.

      I agree on Manning and the audibles. Seattle hasn’t faced a quarterback of his caliber who can adjust things at the line like that. It will be interesting. Thanks for the well wishes.

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