Wired: Waiver Claims Week 3

The waiver wire can be a real source of elation and disappointment, sometimes with the exact same person. That’s because playing the waiver wire is all about timing. Catch your hitters when they’re hot, and your pitchers when they have good matchups. But don’t start thinking they’re solid pieces of your team just because they came through when they were supposed to. On the other side, don’t count them out if they don’t perform as expected.

It’s crucial to keep tabs on players who you might want to nab if necessary, in case of injury or any other issues that might come up. Most fantasy baseball leagues allow you to keep a “scout” team for easy access when the time comes. For week 3 we have a plethora of talent that is easily available in a lot of leagues. You know why? Because too many fantasy players are still waiting for their “studs” to play like their draft positions. Their loss is your gain. Get to walking that wire.

Every week I will be posting the top 3 “grabs” at each position, available on many waiver wires. So, sit back and enjoy the walk.


A.J. Pierzynski (BOS) – He has a .343 batting average and 11 hits so far on the season.
Erik Kratz (TOR) – 4 RBIs on the season with limited playing time. Few lefties on the schedule this week, and Kratz has power.
Yasmani Grandal (SD) – On fire going into the week, Grandal is playing more and more coming off of ACL surgery.


Kelly Johnson (NYY) – The injury to Teixeira helped Johnson more than anyone else. He’s been hitting the ball hard of late too.
Mark Reynolds (MIL) – As much as I am not a fan, I recognize consistency so far this season from Reynolds. While he is always a source of strikeouts, while he’s hot, ride him this week.
Lucas Duda (NYM) – With 5 RBIs so far this year, Duda is on a roll. As long as he keeps getting the opportunities, keep him active.


Alberto Callaspo (OAK) – 10 hits in only 25 at-bats. It speaks for itself. Should get more playing time this week.
Alexi Amarista (SD) – 3 stolen bases so far on the season. Having that speed can only help your lineup.
Marcus Semien (CHW) – With 6 walks already and 11 hits, his on-base percentage is great. The White Sox have a good slate of games this week as well. Get him active.


Trevor Plouffe (MIN) – I actually picked up Plouffe off the waiver wire before last week’s scoring period and he recorded me by getting hot at the right time. He’s still hot, having scored 9 runs already on the year. He might be one the mainstays I mentioned earlier.
Juan Uribe (LAD) – His slugging percentage can’t possibly stay so high, but as long as he’s hitting it hard, he’s a prime option at the position.
Yangervis Solarte (NYY) – Rookies aren’t usually able to be relied upon, but this kid has serious chops already. 14 hits already for the Bronx Bombers, with 7 RBIs, Solarte might not be available much longer on the wire.


Brandon Crawford (SF) – He is an OBP king so far this season, and he shows no signs of slowing down. If you need a solid SS for the long haul, Crawford might be the answer.
Adeiny Hechavarria (MIA) – With the second-most hits of any shortstop in the league, Hechavarria is a solid replacement for your underachieving draft choice.
Brad Miller (SEA) – He’s been hit or miss so far this season, but he’s hitting well at the moment. There’s no reason not to ride the hot hand at the moment. If you need a one-week replacement and Crawford isn’t available, Miller could do well by you.


Matt Joyce (TB) – You need a fill-in for Josh Hamilton while he’s out at least a month. Joyce could be that guy, with a .433 OBP and 7 RBIs so far this year for the Rays. He’s just getting started.
Jason Kubel (MIN) – Kubel has done everything you could have asked for him so far, except get higher ownership in fantasy. That won’t last. Pick him up and play him while he’s on fire. 15 hits so far don’t lie.
Grady Sizemore (BOS) – A .600 slugging percentage is just the start for Sizemore. Once he starts to get some support from the rest of that Boston lineup, that average will climb even higher.


Jason Hammel (CHC) – When he’s on, he’s really on, and when he’s off, he’s really off. That has been his M.O. for years, but this year feels a little different already. His walk rate is down, his strikeout rate is excellent, and he already has two wins on the season. He is a solid-tier 2nd string pitcher at this point, and I don’t see why that will change anytime soon.
Zach Britton (BAL) – He has pitched 8 2/3rds innings so far this year and has yet to give up a run. And he has two wins to show for it. Britton has always shown promise, and now is no exception. Put him on your team before somebody else in your league does.
Jeremy Guthrie (KC) – Guthrie isn’t going to blow anyone away, but he’s steady, and in fantasy there is a lot to be said for steady. You won’t be wringing your hands with Guthrie like you might with, say, Ubaldo Jimenez.

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2 responses to “Wired: Waiver Claims Week 3

  1. As I mentioned, I am paying more attention to baseball this year and I like Sizemore as well. With Victorino on the DL, Nava in an awful slump, and him hitting the ball well, it looks like he will have plenty of chances to be productive.

    • Agreed. He has already proven to be good in that regard in this young season. Sky is the limit for him right now. I picked him up in one of my leagues today and I’m putting him right in my line up.

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