Wired: Week 11

This is the time of season when fantasy baseball owners start to hit the panic button if they don’t have a solid winning record, but remember that it’s a long season. I always suggest still trying to make trades first, and play the waiver wire second, because if you can pull off the dynamic trade that will shore up your problem areas it will benefit you more than anyone you could find off the waiver wire at this point. Plus, you protect yourself against someone you drop lighting it up and getting picked up by another team.

But, if you’re dealing with injury issues (which a lot of owners are) perhaps the waiver wire is the only place you can look. This week in Wired, I’m going to focus on players who should be able to assist you for just this week, players that probably don’t have long term value because of their inconsistency, but who have been performing well of late and who might just stay hot through week 11.

So, here are the players you should consider who may be available on your waiver wires for week 11:


Miguel Montero (ARI) – Montero scored 28 fantasy points in Week 10, and remains a solid option for the long term. He is probably the only catcher on this list who fits that bill, but he’s also hot right now. So get him starting definitely this week.

Russell Martin (PIT) – Martin is the definition of frustrating this season, but the same can be said for the vast majority of catchers. But the Pittsburgh catcher just had his second-highest producing week in Week 10, and that should carry over for Week 11.

Derek Norris/ John Jaso (OAK) – Keep an eye on whether or not Norris is ready to go for Monday, but it looks like he will be, and he is the better option of the two Oakland catchers. He has had all but three weeks with double digit points in fantasy, and he is legitimate power in the category.


Lonnie Chisenhall (CLE) – Three straight weeks over 19 fantasy points qualifies Chisenhall as the man of the moment, and he can fit in at either 1st or 3rd base, so he’s versatile if you need him at either position.

Lucas Duda (NYM) – And we’re back to the inconsistent Duda, who has been either hot or cold this season. The past two weeks have been hot, and he usually goes for at least three in a row, so my money’s on him continuing his power surge this week. AGain, he’s not the long-term solution, but if you have an injury he is a good fill-in right now.

Yonder Alonso (SD) – Alonso, on the other hand, has been quietly consistent, so if you don’t want to go for the guy who’s hot but who might cool off, Alonso should fit the bill. He has had 5 weeks in a row with double digit fantasy points, and he went for over 20 two weeks ago.


Emilio Bonifacio (CHC) – Not many second basemen have been consistent this year, but Bonifacio has. Again, he hasn’t been flashy, but he will put points up on the board for you. He’s again a solid play for Week 11.

Scooter Gennett (MIL) – Just like Bonifacio, Gennett has been quietly solid. If you have a slumping Howie Kendrick or someone like him in your lineup, you could do a lot worse than Gennett as a fill-in until that turns around.

D.J. LeMahieu (COL) – Another consistent performer, LeMahieu has had six double-digit weeks in fantasy so far this year, and 15 the past two weeks. That’s solid performance, and he could also be a great fill-in for an injured or slumping player.


Josh Harrison (PIT) – His line the past few weeks reads like stairs going up. From 10, to 13, to 15, to 20 fantasy points, he has been overperforming. Look for that to continue this week as he has solid matchups. Plus he is eligible in the outfield too if that’s the help you need.

Mark Reynolds (MIL) – Reynolds, the poster boy for inconsistency, does it again. He has been hot of late, and you have to ride the hot hand because it also comes with power.

Conor Gillaspie (CHW) – Gillaspie is often overlooked in fantasy, but now might be the time to reconsider. He has been solid against lefties this year, and he has had double-digit fantasy points in several weeks this year, including three of the last four.


Asdrubal Cabrera (CLE) – He’s just starting to heat up, with 25 fantasy points in Week 10. Always ride him when he’s hot like this, and Cabrera has a way to go until he cools off.

Chris Owings (ARI) – He’s even hotter than Cabrera at the moment, coming off of a 27 point explosion, but he doesn’t have the prior numbers that say he’ll sustain that heat through this week. But if he does you could make out like a bandit. I’m going with him in one of my leagues for Week 11.

Jordy Mercer (PIT) – Mercer also has 27 fantasy points this past week, and he has the pedigree that says he will definitely sustain the pace this week. He has been inconsistent this year, though, so don’t try to trust him past Week 11 even if he performs well, or better than Week 10.


Curtis Granderson (NYM) – Granderson’s transition to the other side of the city hasn’t been as grand as his name would suggest, but he has turned it around of late, and he’s worth a look for Week 11, having scored over 18 fantasy points in three of the last four weeks.

Marcell Ozuna (MIA) – 19 fantasy points last week, and 14 the week before mean that Ozuna’s 32 point week was no fluke. He’s become a consistent performer and is good enough to start in the outfield for you this week.

Coco Crisp (OAK) – Crisp is still stealing bases, even at his age, and that adds to his value in fantasy settings. Over 20 points in his past two fantasy weeks makes him a solid play for Week 11, as while he is hot he is likely to go over the 20 point threshold again.


Tanner Roark (WAS) – His numbers are good, but not great, and he’s pretty much hit or miss, but he’s been making batters miss lately. You can count on him for 20 fantasy points this week.

Roenis Elias (SEA) – Over 20 fantasy points in two consecutive weeks is enough for me. Elias has proven his worth, and he can help your team in Week 11. I predict over 20 fantasy points for him this week too.

Sean Doolittle (OAK) – As long as Oakland continues winning, Doolittle is racking up the points. And since the team has been winning at a good clip the past five weeks, Doolittle has gone for double digits in each and every one of those weeks. Count on him for more of the same in Week 11. If you’re having closer trouble, he might be your long term answer too.

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