Selling High: Week 14

A lot of pitchers who had been lights out this season had stumbles this week, pitchers along the caliber of Tim Hudson, Zack Greinke, and John Lackey. But whereas Greinke and Hudson have the pedigree to trust them, someone like Lackey didn’t have the recent history to support his lofty numbers to that point. Now his owners have a bit of a dilemma. Do they continue to trust him as they have before, and possibly keep losing points, or trade him now for perhaps less than they could have gotten had they gotten rid of him before. That’s the up-and-down nature of fantasy, and indeed baseball itself. Who should you buy low, and who should you sell high?

It’s time to Sell High…


  1. Justin Verlander (DET) – He didn’t look completely lost out there in his most recent outing. In fact, he showed shades of the old Verlander, the MVP Verlander, and that increased his stock, which is good for you if you’re a Verlander owner because now you have more options of players you could get in exchange for him. The name is still there, and now he has some stats, albeit a small sample, to back him up. You could trade him right now for: Jered Weaver, Sonny Gray, Kyle Lohse.
  2. Dallas Keuchel (HOU) – Keuchel has been dominant for the better part of this season, but he’s showing a bit of vulnerability of late. He was just scratched from his Saturday start, and it appears he has lost some velocity on his pitches as well. I think he’s played above his head so far, but now that most teams have seen him more than once it’s nowhere but down from here, even if his health allows him to keep pitching. Yet, his starting percentage is very high, which means people still trust him. Great for you as a Keuchel owner because if you decide to deal him you can still get a number one pitcher in exchange, like Scott Kazmir, David Price, or Jon Lester.
  3. Josh Beckett (LAD) – Five quality starts in a row, and throw in that no-hitter, and Beckett is having a bounce back season for the ages, but he’s only 2-2 in those starts because he’s not getting run support. I don’t see that changing anytime soon, and what I do see changing is Beckett’s location and fortunes. He is due to revert to his norm, but while he’s riding this high you can trade him for: Chris Sale, or Madison Bumgarner.


  1. Daniel Murphy (NYM) – Murphy has had a great season to this point, but if you look closer you’ll see that he’s decreased his fantasy production in every single one of the past four weeks. It certainly looks like he’s peaked to me, with his strikeouts up and his average taking a slight dip. But he’s still started in the vast majority of leagues, and he can get you some amazing players in an exchange. You can trade him for: Yoenis Cespedes, Anthony Rendon.
  2. Jacoby Ellsbury (NYY) – Ellsbury had been pretty consistent in his first full season in New York, and he has even avoided his injury prone nature to this point. But that worries me for two reasons. He’s due for an injury and you need someone you can count on for the fantasy stretch run. In addition, Ellsbury had three weeks under double-digits in fantasy points so far this year, proving that even when healthy he cannot be counted on to produce. You could trade him right now for: Melky Cabrera, Ryan Braun.
  3. Billy Hamilton (CIN) – He’s been stellar of late, with three straight weeks with at least 22 fantasy points. However, he’s also had 6 weeks this season where he’s scored 15 points or below, which can be crippling to your team if he reverts to that form. While he’s hot right now you can get a good upgrade with more upside for him. Trade him for: Matt Holliday, Adam Jones, or Hunter Pence.

The Fantasy Ace

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