Wired: Week 17

It’s that time of the season, when you finally know what you have, and what you need, in fantasy. Dallas Keuchel was fool’s gold, but I already told you that. But what should you do about players like Cespedes and Lincecum? Can you trust Timmy now to lead you to the promised land, and is this just a minor slump for Yoenis? Perhaps playing the waiver wire will be worthwhile for your fantasy team, but be careful who you dangle out there. Other teams are doing the same thing you are, and they will snatch up value if they see you discard it.

So, here are the players you should consider who may be available on your waiver wires for week 17:


Yan Gomes (CLE) – Gomes was on fire before the second half started, and he’s continued his hot-hitting ways in week 16, racking up multiple hits in several games, and four home runs in the past 10. And somehow he’s still available in a lot of fantasy leagues.

Kurt Suzuki (MIN) – Suzuki is money at home, and guess where he’s playing this whole week? At home. And he’s playing against a slew of pitchers who aren’t the cream of the crop. If you need a one-week replacement for a catcher who isn’t playing well, Suzuki is your man.


Nick Swisher (CLE) – Talk about players who are hot, and you have to put Swisher on that list. He’s notoriously hot or cold, and the heat has been turned on for a couple of weeks now. He’s seeing the ball well, and you need to take advantage of it right now.

Garrett Jones (MIA) – Another streaky guy, Jones is starting to get a positive one going again. A lot of fantasy teams dropped him after his hot start to the season cooled off, so he’s available, and you could do a lot worse than his potential this week.


Howie Kendrick (LAA) – What does Kendrick have to do to get some respect? He has the ultimate hitting lineup to set him up, and he’s been swinging a good bat all year long. He ranks in the top 10 second basemen in fantasy, and yet he’s still on a lot of waiver wires. Grab him and insert him into your lineup straightaway.

Scooter Gennett (MIL) – I keep talking and talking about Gennett. In my eyes, the man can do no wrong. He’s consistent, which is missing from a lot of the elite fantasy second basemen right now. He’s not going to blow you away but he’s going to get his points, and that could be the difference between winning and losing in fantasy.


Pablo Sandoval (SF) – Let’s face it, he’s not the player you thought he’d be when he was drafted relatively early on draft day, but he’s also not the player he was for the first quarter of the season. He scored 21 standard fantasy points last week, and 14 on the short week this week. He’s trending up, so why not pick him up and see what he can do for you this week?

Brock Holt (BOS) – Holt has some solid power, and until this shortened week 16 he has been pretty consistent for fantasy owners. I’m going to mark down his poor week to having a bit of a break. Going into week 17 I’m all on board the Holt train because he’s been too consistent prior to this.


Jhonny Peralta (STL) – Just like with Holt, Peralta was enjoying a string of solid double-digit fantasy weeks before the shortened post-all star week. I’ll also chalk his low output week up to the break, and support him for week 17 as well.

Andrelton Simmons (ATL) – The more I look into the numbers, the more I see that not many on the waiver wire this week had a good week 16, at least hitting wise. Simmons follows that same pattern, but that Atlanta offense is strong enough that I believe he will round back into form this week. Start him with confidence.


Curtis Granderson (NYM) – Granderson might not be as good as he was two seasons ago, but he’s back to being a good hitter with a solid eye, and this may be the last week you’ll be able to grab him off the waiver wire. Pick him up while you can and get him active.

Denard Span (WAS) – Span’s been as hot as almost anyone in July, and while I don’t think he’s the final solution to your issues in the outfield (he is too inconsistent normally to be worthy of a permanent outfield spot on your fantasy team), he is a good stopgap measure if you have someone injured right now.


Matt Cain (SF) – Cain has had some extra rest, having his next start pushed back to Tuesday, which also puts him on track to start twice in week 17. He has enough talent to make the most of those two starts, and the San Francisco offense has shown some signs of life. Start him this week.

Jonathan Papelbon (PHI) – Amid possible trade rumors, the Phillies closer remains as solid as they come. The only thing he needs is solid opportunities. With Cliff Lee back this week and starting twice, and with Cole Hamels as dominant as he’s been all seasons, Papelbon looks to have a good week saves-wise.

The Fantasy Ace


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