Coming Clean: Week 1

Week 1 of the young 2014 NFL season is in the books, and there were a host of surprises, from Buffalo winning in Chicago to a shocker in Miami, and everything in between. Does that mean more teams will be a factor to make the playoffs? Probably not. But it does make for some interesting football early on. We’ll see how things shake out over the course of the long season.

Every Tuesday I’ll be reviewing my selections from the previous week. I call it Coming Clean.


SEATTLE over Green Bay
NEW ORLEANS over Atlanta
CHICAGO over Buffalo
BALTIMORE over Cincinnati
PITTSBURGH over Cleveland
KANSAS CITY over Tennessee
NY JETS over Oakland
ST. LOUIS over Minnesota
MIAMI over New England
PHILADELPHIA over Jacksonville
HOUSTON over Washington
TAMPA BAY over Carolina
DENVER over Indianapolis
DETROIT over NY Giants
ARIZONA over San Diego
(10-6 weekly; 10-6 overall)

Of the picks I missed this week, the close losses by Chicago and New Orleans had me wringing my hands in frustration, but both games were intriguing enough that I excused them for it. My Pick of the Week was the upset special by Miami over New England, one of the few times they’ve ever beaten them in Miami. Week 2 promises to be more of the same with close games expected almost across the board.


In my survival league I went with PHILADELPHIA, and even though that first half made me sweat, the ship was righted and the Eagles took home a decisive victory over Jacksonville. 8 people out of my group of 22 crashed and burned with losses by Chicago, Kansas City, and St. Louis. Luckily for them, the league is double elimination so they get a second chance this week.


Matt Ryan made me look really good this week by picking apart that Saints defense to the tune of 36 fantasy points, which was the highest point total for a quarterback this week. Matthew Stafford was #2 with 33 fantasy points. But Nick Foles suffered those turnovers, and Ryan Tannehill was efficient without being overwhelming in the victory against New England, gaining 18 and 17 fantasy points respectively. Eli Manning proved me right in the avoid category by just managing 8 fantasy points.

At running back I went the distance with Knowshon Moreno, showing once again why you shouldn’t count him out, tallying 19 fantasy points. Also strong for the week was Chris Johnson, with 14 fantasy points. Better luck next time goes to Fred Jackson and a part-time Andre Ellington, who had 7 and 5 points apiece. I think both will have a better time of it in week 2. My avoid was Ryan Mathews, and he ended up with a respectable 12 fantasy points.

My wide receivers had a rougher time of it, with Emmanuel Sanders the best at 8 fantasy points. Pierre Garcon and Eric Decker both had 7, and Vincent Jackson did his disappearing man act with a measly 3 points. My avoid, for good reason, was Victor Cruz, who ended up with the same number of points as Riley Cooper – 2.

At tight end I had a better showing as Zach Ertz and Martellus Bennett both had 13 fantasy points on the week. Jared Cook continued his disappointing ways with 5 fantasy points, and Heath Miller had a disappointing 2 points (while Antonio Brown went off instead for the Steelers). I told you to avoid Jordan Cameron, and it proved a correct assumption because he had only 4 fantasy points.

Overall, week 1 was a success when it came to setting lineups, but will these players continue to live up to some lofty expectations? We’ll see.

The Fantasy Ace


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