Survival of the Fittest: Week 2

broncoschiefsWell, that was certainly a nail-biter (for one half of play anyway) in Philadelphia last week, but as usually happens, the cream rose to the top and the Eagles even covered the spread. As for me, I was one for two, as I told you to select either Philadelphia or Kansas City with your survival pick. I of course had no way of knowing that they would give Jamaal Charles less than 10 carries, or that Alex Smith would throw an uncharacteristic three interceptions. Hopefully you went with the same team that I did, and the Eagles got you through to week 2 safely.

The biggest percentage of losers this week were the supporters of the Chicago Bears, and I’m sure more than a few survivalists who got knocked out are cursing Jay Cutler at this point. But that’s why I didn’t go with that matchup, because Cutler just isn’t reliable, or consistent. I don’t think he ever will be, and Buffalo took advantage in week 1.

Now we move on to week 2, and I was studying the matchups before the dust had even settled on the Eagles’ win. Several in particular stood out to me. The 0-1 Packers hosting the 1-0 Jets. The 1-0 49ers hosting the 0-1 Bears. And the 1-0 Arizona Cardinals on the road against the 0-1 Giants.

While watching the Thursday night game in Seattle I was struck both by how pedestrian the Packers offense looked, and by how pitiful the defense performed.  That is just a recipe for disaster, and it wasn’t all about playing in Seattle either. At Lambeau Field they should roll, but the Jets defense was tough last week. Trap game. The 49ers’ defense was the reason they crushed Dallas, that and Tony Romo, and while many like to compare Cutler with Romo, Jay rarely has back-to-back poor efforts. Trap game. The Cardinals were sluggish to begin the game against San Diego but they put things together in the end. Now that they’re rolling I like them a lot against a Giants squad that looked totally lost vs. Detroit in week 1.

So, out of all the matchups this week, which team has the best possibility of winning? Well, that would be Denver, of course. I don’t care that it’s a divisional matchup, or that the Broncos are without Wes Welker. The Chiefs cannot guard all of Manning’s weapons at the same time, and the future hall of famer has shown he’s still the one to beat. Kansas City doesn’t have the chops to keep up. My pick this week is Denver, but if you’re so inclined, Arizona also has a high possibility of victory. You wouldn’t be disappointed to go with either one.


Denver over Kansas City (90%)
Arizona over NY Giants (85%)
New Orleans over Cleveland (80%)
Miami over Buffalo (70%)

Good luck if you’re one of the tons of people going with Green Bay, but I won’t believe they’re “right” until I see it on the field. Oh, and do avoid the Thursday night game between the Ravens and the Steelers. It truly is a toss-up.

The Fantasy Ace


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