Coming Clean: Week 2

Well, week 2 is complete, and another wealth of surprises (and injuries) emerged from the wreckage. A.J. Green and Jamaal Charles went down with injuries, Brandon Marshall beat the 49ers all by himself, and the Cleveland Browns never say die and pull out a shocker over New Orleans. At least Aaron Rodgers rebounded in the second half to post a good stat line, and anyone who started Giovani Bernard was heavily rewarded. And of course those game finishes were fascinating.

Every Tuesday I’ll be reviewing my selections from the previous week. I call it Coming Clean.


BALTIMORE over Pittsburgh
CINCINNATI over Atlanta
MIAMI over Buffalo
NEW ORLEANS over Cleveland
TENNESSEE over Dallas
CAROLINA over Detroit
NEW ENGLAND over Minnesota
ARIZONA over NY Giants
JACKSONVILLE over Washington
TAMPA BAY over St. Louis
SAN DIEGO over Seattle
DENVER over Kansas City
GREEN BAY over NY Jets
OAKLAND over Houston
SAN FRANCISCO over Chicago
PHILADELPHIA over Indianapolis
(9-7 weekly; 19-13 overall)

Two major comebacks by the Bears and Packers, a dominating performance by that Bengals defense, and the incredible heroics of the Eagles highlighted a good week for football, but made picks difficult almost across the board.


In my survival league I went with DENVER, and they certainly made it interesting, content to pile up a bunch of points and then let Kansas City right back into the game. They can’t play that way next week in Seattle and hope to pull out a victory, but I don’t have to worry about them anymore in Survival Football as I’ve already used them their one time this season. That makes me 2-0, one of only 7 remaining perfect participants in my survival league, out of a starting group of 22. This week, 5 of my opponents were eliminated because they picked New Orleans, Tampa Bay, and San Francisco.


My quarterback picks for week 2 were disappointing across the board as defenses picked up the pace they had dropped in week 1, and as signal callers who had played above their heads came back down to earth. Note to self: don’t automatically pick the quarterback playing against the Cowboys. The highest output from my picks was Josh McCown with 17 standard fantasy points, followed closely by Andy Dalton with 16. Colin Kaepernick had a disappointing 13 against a suddenly stout Chicago defense (that forced him into 3 interceptions), and Jake Locker fell from on high, to the tune of an abysmal 11. I told you to avoid Russell Wilson, and he ended up outscoring all of my picks, with a final tally of 21 points. Ouch.

At running back I had a much better week, with all of my runners proving their worth not just for this week but for the foreseeable future. With that being said, I suggest you grab Knile Davis if he’s still available on waivers in your league. It might be a long season for a suddenly brittle Jamaal Charles in KC. Darren Sproles was the #1 fantasy running back in week 2 with 23 points. Matt Asiata ended up with a respectable 13 points, while Chris Ivory had 10. The only real stinker was Lamar Miller with 4 points in that lopsided loss to Buffalo. They just never got their running game off the ground (no pun necessary). Doug Martin, as my avoid, didn’t even suit up as he was inactive, which was a bit of a surprise. I warned you, though.

My wide receivers were a different story. As their quarterbacks suffered, so did they. Allen Hurns crashed and burned with 1 fantasy point as Allen Robinson got all the attention from Chad Henne this week. The Floyds (Michael and Malcom) combined for 1 fantasy point between them (Michael), and Greg Jennings fell off the radar amidst all the turnovers from Matt Cassel. Golden Tate, who I told you to avoid, did slightly better than all those guys put together by putting up a 5 for the week.

At tight end Delanie Walker more than proved me right, despite poor play from Jake Locker, with 20 (you read that right) standard fantasy points. However, Anthony Fasano and Charles Clay were massive underachievers with 3 fantasy points apiece. And Jermaine Gresham was a victim of the dynamic Cincinnati running game against Atlanta, as he only had 2 fantasy points to his name on Sunday. I told you to avoid Kyle Rudolph because New England handles tight ends pretty well of late, and he ended up with a rather robust (for him) 5 fantasy points.

Overall, week 2 was down when selecting lineups as compared with week 1, but are the players who made an impact this week suddenly reliable. Ask Allen Hurns if Delanie Walker will continue his tear against a team that plays tights ends well next week. And hopefully the real Rob Gronkowski shows up sooner rather than later.

The Fantasy Ace


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