Coming Clean: Week 3

Week 3 featured a dismal game (Lions/Packers), a shootout (Eagles/Redskins), and a couple of blowouts (Falcons/Bucs & Colts/Jags), plus a slew of fantasy stalwarts that weren’t so stalwart (Rodgers, Stafford, Lacy, McCoy, etc.) and a blowout nobody saw coming (Steelers over the Panthers… in Carolina). The Eagles went to 3-0, and the Patriots looked way too ordinary against an Oakland team they should have blown out. And now we look back.

Every Tuesday I’ll be reviewing my selections from the previous week. I call it Coming Clean.


TAMPA BAY over Atlanta
PHILADELPHIA over Washington
SAN DIEGO over Buffalo
CINCINNATI over Tennessee
CLEVELAND over Baltimore
DETROIT over Green Bay
INDIANAPOLIS over Jacksonville
NEW ENGLAND over Oakland
NEW ORLEANS over Minnesota
NY GIANTS over Houston
ST. LOUIS over Dallas
SAN FRANCISCO over Arizona
MIAMI over Kansas City
DENVER over Seattle
PITTSBURGH over Carolina
NY JETS over Chicago
(9-7 weekly; 28-20 overall)


In my survival league I went with NEW ENGLAND and they had me sweating bullets in a game I honestly thought wouldn’t remotely be close vs. Oakland. But all’s well that ends well and they did win, so I went to 3-0, still surviving. Our league lost only one player because he never put in a pick by the deadline. The vast majority of players went with New England and Indianapolis, with only one choosing San Diego. Next week there are several byes so it makes selections interesting.


Quarterbacks –

Brian Hoyer – 290 yards passing, 1 touchdown (17 fantasy points)
Ryan Tannehill – 205 yards passing, 1 touchdown (14 fantasy points)
Nick Foles – 325 yards passing, 3 touchdowns (32 fantasy points)
Andy Dalton – 169 yards passing, no touchdowns, 1 interception (11 fantasy points)
AVOID: Kirk Cousins – Turned out to be a bad call, as Cousins had a banner day with 33 fantasy points.

Running backs –

Darren Sproles – 20 yards rushing, 30 yards receiving, 1 fumble lost (3 fantasy points)
Justin Forsett – 63 yards rushing, 2 yards receiving (6 fantasy points)
Stevan Ridley – 54 yards rushing, 7 yards receiving (5 fantasy points)
Montee Ball – 38 yards rushing, 6 yards receiving, 1 fumble lost (1 fantasy point)
AVOID: Terrance West – 36 yards rushing, 5 yards receiving, 1 touchdown (9 fantasy points)

Wide receivers –

James Jones – 43 yards receiving (4 fantasy points)
Mohamed Sanu – 44 yards receiving, 18 yards passing, 1 touchdown thrown (10 fantasy points)
Wes Welker – 60 receiving yards (6 fantasy points)
Mike Wallace – 74 yards receiving, 12 yards rushing (8 fantasy points)
AVOID: Michael Crabtree – 80 yards receiving, 4 yards rushing, 1 touchdown (14 fantasy points)

Tight ends –

Niles Paul – 68 receiving yards (6 fantasy points)
Zach Ertz – 14 receiving yards (1 fantasy point)
Travis Kelce – 36 receiving yards, 1 touchdown (9 fantasy points)
Larry Donnell – 45 receiving yards, 1 fumble lost (2 fantasy points)
AVOID: Jason Witten – 49 receiving yards (4 fantasy points)

Week 3 followed the same patterns set by Weeks 1 and 2, which was getting different people involved each week on offense. That hampers consistency of fantasy starters. Hopefully we will all settle into the mean in the next few weeks instead of remaining in flux. Coming tomorrow: Survival of the Fittest.

The Fantasy Ace


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