Coming Clean: Week 4

Well, the 49ers escaped with a win in a game where the Eagles scored 21 non-offensive points. That of course meant if you owned any Eagles in fantasy (besides the defense) you were sorely disappointed with their output. Then the Cowboys looked superb in absolutely dismantling the Saints, the Bills began another losing streak, and the Dolphins dominated the Raiders in London. Oh, and Matt Ryan is not the same player when he’s not at home. That shouldn’t be a surprise and yet there it is again. It was a good week in football, and Mike Glennon should be the starting quarterback for the Bucs. There. I said it.

Every Tuesday I’ll be reviewing my selections from the previous week. I call it Coming Clean.


CHICAGO over Green Bay
INDIANAPOLIS over Tennessee
MIAMI over Oakland
DETROIT over NY Jets
PITTSBURGH over Tampa Bay
BALTIMORE over Carolina
BUFFALO over Houston
SAN DIEGO over Jacksonville
ATLANTA over Minnesota
SAN FRANCISCO over Philadelphia
DALLAS over New Orleans
KANSAS CITY over New England
(8-5 weekly; 36-25 overall)


With the upsets by Tampa Bay and Minnesota our survival league lost three more participants, so now we’re down to 13 who are still in it from the original 22, and 7 of us are still undefeated on the season. I went with INDIANAPOLIS this week and they won quite handily against Tennessee. It only gets tougher from here because of the byes and because the number of teams we can pick from is lower. I feel good being undefeated at this point, but I’m not changing tactics now. Stay tuned for my survival pick on Wednesday.


Quarterbacks –

Jay Cutler – 256 passing yards, 29 rushing yards, 2 touchdowns, 2 interceptions (20 fantasy points)
Tony Romo – 262 passing yards, 20 rushing yards, 3 touchdowns (30 fantasy points)
Alex Smith – 248 passing yards, 8 rushing yards, 3 touchdowns (27 fantasy points)
Colin Kaepernick – 218 passing yards, 58 rushing yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception (23 fantasy points)
AVOID: Geno Smith – 209 passing yards, 4 rushing yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception, 1 fumble lost (10 fantasy points)

Running backs –

James Starks – 0 rushing yards (0 fantasy points)
Fred Jackson – 33 rushing yards, 52 receiving yards (8 fantasy points)
Chris Ivory – 84 rushing yards, 16 receiving yards (9 fantasy points)
Donald Brown – 19 rushing yards, 35 receiving yards (4 fantasy points)
AVOID: Ahmad Bradshaw – 32 rushing yards, 20 receiving yards, 1 receiving touchdown (11 fantasy points)

Wide receivers –

Jeremy Maclin – 68 receiving yards (6 fantasy points)
Eddie Royal – 105 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns (22 fantasy points)
Steve Smith, Sr. – 139 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns (25 fantasy points)
Marques Colston – 50 receiving yards (5 fantasy points)
AVOID: Julian Edelman – 23 receiving yards (2 fantasy points)

Tight ends –

Martellus Bennett – 134 receiving yards (13 fantasy points)
Owen Daniels – 43 receiving yards (4 fantasy points)
Jason Witten – 61 receiving yards (6 fantasy points)
Antonio Gates – 30 receiving yards (3 fantasy points)
AVOID: Greg Olsen – 30 receiving yards (3 fantasy points)

This was the best week yet in terms of picks and lineup selections. I just don’t think you can trust anyone in that New England offense at the moment until they prove they’re out of this funk, but I don’t see it happening this week in Cincinnati. In fact, I sat Rob Gronkowski last week in favor of Travis Kelce and Kelce ended up being the number two tight end in scoring for the week. I am playing Kelce over Gronk again this week.

Coming tomorrow: Survival of the Fittest.

The Fantasy Ace


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