Survival of the Fittest: Week 5

Andy_Dalton_AJ_Green_Touchdown_Catch_Preseason_Video_SwaggerLast year Cincinnati ended my unbeaten streak in survival football with a loss to Miami, so I’m a little gun shy with pulling the trigger on them even though they’ve played extremely well, and even against a New England team that was so utterly decimated in all facets of the game by Kansas City on Monday night. Anyway, none of that matters because I already told you that I pick the team with the biggest possibility of victory regardless. That team is Cincinnati this week, and coming off a bye and playing a team on a short week, they are ready this time in a way they weren’t last year.

Here’s how my survival picks have stacked up so far:

Week Two: DENVER – WON

Usually you know I don’t pick teams that are on the road, but the Bengals are already 1-0 away from Cincinnati this season, so they travel well. They have a lockdown defense that is also opportunistic, so they should be able to force some turnovers against that New England team that is giving up the ball quite a bit so far this season. This one sets up well for the team I believe is the best in the AFC this year.

Of course if you’ve already used Cincinnati and you want another team with a big possibility of winning look no further than Detroit against Buffalo, Green Bay against Minnesota, or San Diego vs. the Jets. I would avoid trap games like the Giants against Atlanta, Seattle on the road vs. Washington, and Dallas against Houston.

The Giants have played better of late, and everyone knows Atlanta plays worse on the road, but both teams are due for a course correction, and I don’t think the Giants are as good as they’ve seemed the past two games. I also don’t think that Atlanta defense will give up more points than Matt Ryan and the offense will score. Seattle already has a loss on the register, and it was on the road where they go to face a Washington team that was just humbled by the Giants. Cousins doesn’t have two poor games in a row, and Washington has the ability to surprise a Seattle team coming off a bye. And Dallas is Dallas, and I don’t trust Romo to keep playing clean, or the defense to keep up a higher level.

So, I’m picking the Bengals this week because I believe they have the biggest possibility of winning, even in Foxborough.

The Fantasy Ace

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