Survival of the Fittest: Week 6

20141005_jla_ar5_284.jpg-af90073f7b52213a164ca93e24069a92To be brutally honest here, Denver is obviously the way to go this week. I mean, they’re playing the Jets, who have more problems than a little, on both sides of the ball, but especially on offense. They’re playing dynamic football. They have Peyton Manning. Do I need any more convincing facts here? Of course the problem is if you’ve made it this far then you’ve probably used them already, just as I have. So, what do you do?

Well, first off, Cincinnati did it to me for the second straight time, ruining my spotless record by getting embarrassed defensively at New England. I revise my statement about them being the best team in the AFC. I now reserve that honor for Denver (until an AFC team beats them, that is). I sincerely hope you went with any of my other suggestions, like San Diego or Green Bay, and are still perfect.

Now, it’s back to the drawing board for me in my double elimination league. Here’s how my picks have panned out so far:

WEEK ONE: Philadelphia – WON 34-17
WEEK TWO: Denver – WON 24-17
WEEK THREE: New England – WON 16-9
WEEK FOUR: Indianapolis – WON 41-17
WEEK FIVE: Cincinnati – LOST 17-43

With Denver off the table, who’s the next best “bet” to take it this weekend? That would be the hottest team in the league right now, the San Diego Chargers. They’re playing against the statistical worst team in the league even though they’re on the road — the Oakland Raiders. So, I’m going with the Chargers because of Philip Rivers, and because I know they won’t let the blowout win against the Jets stay in their memory. They will move on and be ready to take out the winless Raiders.

If of course you’ve already used the Chargers in your survival, who else would be a good choice this week? You could always go with Arizona (if Carson Palmer or Drew Stanton plays). I trust them as far as I trust their quarterback, and I only trust those two guys this week against the Redskins (who looked relatively good in losing to Seattle). Atlanta is also a good bet at home against the Chicago Bears. Matt Ryan is lights out at home most of the time, and I think he comes through this week.

I would, however, be wary of Tennessee against Jacksonville. While the Titans are at home, quarterback play has been an issue, and I wouldn’t want to count on them winning, even vs. the Jaguars, when my season is on the line. Also avoid the Minnesota against Detroit game. Detroit showed again why they’re the proverbial head-scratching team with their loss to Buffalo last week, and they’ll probably be without Calvin Johnson in this one too. The big trap game, though, is Miami playing host to Green Bay. After the past couple of weeks it might be easy to say that the Packers are “back” but Miami plays up to its competition and this one might be one the Packers overlook and get bitten for it.

The Fantasy Ace

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