Survival of the Fittest: Week 7

ben-tate-nfl-pittsburgh-steelers-cleveland-browns-590x900We’re getting deep into the season now, and whether you play single or double-elimination survival football, if you’re still alive you’ve got a better than average shot to win the whole thing. However, the number of teams you still have left at your disposal are significantly shrinking each week, so that makes things a bit trickier than they were at the outset. Here are the teams I’ve gone with so far to get to this point in my double-elimination league:

Week One: PHILADELPHIA – WON 34-17
Week Two: DENVER – WON 24-17
Week Three: NEW ENGLAND – WON 16-9
Week Four: INDIANAPOLIS – WON 41-17
Week Five: CINCINNATI – LOST 17-43
Week Six: SAN DIEGO – WON 31-28

In my league there are five teams left that are still perfect through six weeks, and I think it’s going to take at least four more weeks to determine a winner, once everyone has used up Denver, Seattle, Indianapolis, and San Diego (in fact, most of those perfect teams have used up all four of those teams to this point). San Diego had me holding my breath in Oakland on Sunday, but they pulled it out and I’m still in the running. So who do I go with this week?

Well, a good bet is to go with the team that has the biggest possibility of victory. Teams that fit the possibilities are the Patriots, the Seahawks, the Ravens, and the Browns. I’m not sold on Arizona totally manhandling Oakland after seeing how the Raiders themselves manhandled that previously “good” Chargers’ defense. Oakland will get at least one win this year, and this may be the week. I want no part of the Pittsburgh/ Houston game because it’s a recipe for the Texans running rings around the Steelers, but Pittsburgh is at home and they might have fight left in them.

So, who do I go with? I’m picking the Browns to win in Jacksonville. In the past two weeks Cleveland had an epic comeback against the Titans, and a total demolition of the Steelers. This team is clicking at the right time, and I like Hoyer and that running game to get the job done against a poor Jaguars team that has a lack of options on both offense and defense. Similarly, if you’ve already used the Browns in your survival league, the Ravens have been dynamic on offense of late, and face an Atlanta team in Baltimore that has a patchwork offensive line and plays poorly on the road. And you can’t go wrong with an angry Seahawks team on the road against the Rams, even though it’s a divisional matchup.

Go with the Browns. The tougher part of their schedule is upcoming, but they’re playing like world beaters right now, and they have the confidence and the skills to get it done this week against the Jaguars.

The Fantasy Ace


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