Coming Clean: Week 7

Seattle looked pretty bad in their loss to St. Louis this week, Peyton Manning went over the 508 touchdown mark, and DeMarco Murray made it 7 in a row going over 100 yards to start the season. This was a week for surprises (the Jaguars getting their first win), for records, and for last second heroics. Oh, and we got to see Colt McCoy and Brock Osweiler. Hmmmm. Week 7 was certainly not boring, by any stretch of the imagination, believe me.

Every Tuesday I’ll be reviewing my selections from the previous week. I call it Coming Clean.


BUFFALO over Minnesota
CHICAGO over Miami
DETROIT over New Orleans
CAROLINA over Green Bay
CINCINNATI over Indianapolis
SEATTLE over St. Louis
WASHINGTON over Tennessee
CLEVELAND over Jacksonville
BALTIMORE over Atlanta
KANSAS CITY over San Diego
NY GIANTS over Dallas
ARIZONA over Oakland
DENVER over San Francisco
PITTSBURGH over Houston
(9-6 weekly; 61-44-1 overall)


Survival is tricky, especially when matchups on paper don’t come through in the flesh. I went with CLEVELAND this week to win in Jacksonville, and instead they looked nothing like the team they’ve been all season. They had a horrible time running the ball. Brian Hoyer was inaccurate. And they did absolutely nothing with the turnovers the defense was able to force. That ends my survival football season, which is sad because it started with such promise. Hopefully you were able to survive and move on to next week when the matchups are easier than this past one.


Quarterbacks –

Carson Palmer – 253 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception (20 fantasy points)
Kirk Cousins – 139 passing yards, 1 interception, 1 fumble lost (1 fantasy point)
Matthew Stafford – 299 passing yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception (19 fantasy points)
Andy Dalton – 126 passing yards (5 fantasy points)
AVOID: Ben Roethlisberger – 265 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 fumble lost (20 fantasy points)

Running backs –

Justin Forsett – 95 rushing yards (9 fantasy points)
Ahmad Bradshaw – 52 rushing yards, 36 receiving yards, 2 total touchdowns, 1 fumble lost (18 fantasy points)
Ronnie Hillman – 74 rushing yards, 29 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns (21 fantasy points)
Andre Williams – 51 rushing yards (5 fantasy points)
AVOID: Branden Oliver – 67 rushing yards, 11 receiving yards (7 fantasy points)

Wide receivers –

Torrey Smith – 81 receiving yards, 1 touchdown (14 fantasy points)
Malcom Floyd – 50 receiving yards (5 fantasy points)
Michael Floyd – 47 receiving yards, 1 touchdown (10 fantasy points)
Mike Wallace – 46 receiving yards, 4 rushing yards, 1 touchdown (10 fantasy points)
AVOID: T.Y. Hilton – 107 receiving yards (10 fantasy points)

Tight ends –

Scott Chandler – 36 receiving yards (3 fantasy points)
Jared Cook  – 25 receiving yards (2 fantasy points)
Jermaine Gresham – 48 receiving yards (4 fantasy points)
Dwayne Allen – 52 receiving yards, 1 touchdown (11 fantasy points)
AVOID: Larry Donnell – 90 receiving yards, 2 fumbles lost (5 fantasy points)

Coming tomorrow: Survival of the Fittest.

The Fantasy Ace


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