Survival of the Fittest: Week 8

Well, I may be out of my survival league, but most of my selections were still correct through seven weeks, and I’m still here to help you make your best possible choices if you’re still in your survival league. From here on out I’ll offer you three possibilities each week to go with if you’re stuck choosing a survivor, and I’ll give you a game I feel is a trap game too, one that you should avoid at all costs. So, here’s to new Survival…

Best Bets

DETROIT vs. Atlanta. This game is being played in London, so the so-called home field advantage for Atlanta just isn’t here, which is too bad because they need something to go right for them this year. The problem is that they have so many issues on the offensive line, so Matt Ryan simply isn’t getting time to get the ball out. Detroit has a stingy defense anyway, so that compounds the issue for the Falcons. I just don’t see this one even being close, even though Atlanta is at “home.” Detroit should win this one going away.

HOUSTON @ Tennessee. This running game for Houston is as for real as it’s ever been, especially lately. As long as they can trot Arian Foster and Alfred Blue out there against the Titans they’ll be in good shape to win the game, so long as they can avoid Fitzpatrick turnovers when the two aren’t running the ball. I think they’ll be just fine getting around that, and against a weak Tennessee defense they have a high possibility of coming out victorious.

DALLAS vs. Washington. Yes, I’m finally going to admit that this Dallas team is for real, at least right now they are. I think DeMarco Murray comes back to earth a little bit in this one, but it won’t matter because Tony Romo can throw all over this Redskins defense, which will be the difference in this game. And that’s whether or not RGIII plays. This one might be close at the half, but the Cowboys will pull away to win it by plenty in the end.

The Trap

BUFFALO @ NY Jets. Yes, the Jets looked pretty terrible the past few weeks, but they’ve been playing some really high caliber teams. Don’t forget that they’ve had Percy Harvin for a whole week now so he’s up to speed in their offensive schemes. That makes a huge difference for him, for Eric Decker, and for Geno Smith. This one is also a divisional matchup, and those are always tricky no matter the records. And lastly the Bills are without Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller, so their running game should suffer accordingly. A lot of people may pick this game, but don’t be fooled.

The Fantasy Ace


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