Ace Picks: Week 10

Here are my picks for Week 10…


Cleveland @ CINCINNATI – If this game were anywhere but in Cincinnati this pick might be different, but on the short week, at home, I think they pull out a close one against the Browns. Where teams can attack Cleveland is on the ground and Jeremy Hill proved last week that he has the chops to take care of business with a monster game. I think the encore will be even better and he’s the difference in this game in the end. Pick: CINCINNATI.


Tennessee @ BALTIMORE – The Titans have been a mess for most of this season, but the one game they played well was against a Kansas City team that I think is very similar to this Baltimore one, or at least they were in that game. Flacco has been throwing the ball a lot lately, but I think he relies on the run game in this one, and I think they found a diamond in the rough with Taliaferro at the goal line. Baltimore is tough at home, and I’ve seen nothing from Mettenberger or that Titans defense that makes me nervous at all in this one. Pick: BALTIMORE.

KANSAS CITY @ Buffalo – Speaking of Kansas City, this game should be a defensive battle. With Fred Jackson still questionable, and Boobie Dixon/Bryce Brown not picking up the slack for their wounded running back brethren, and with Sammy Watkins also questionable, that’s the Buffalo offense. We all know that Kansas City will run the ball hard all afternoon even against a tough run defense, so that leaves us with a defensive struggle. I think the K.C. defense will find a way to make the big play in the end, even though it will be a close one. Pick: KANSAS CITY.

MIAMI @ Detroit – There is no hotter team in the NFL right now than the Miami Dolphins, and I think they keep that heat going in this tilt against the Lions, even in Rock City. Remember too that this is the same Lions team that gave up a host of points and had to come back against the Atlanta Falcons (the Atlanta Falcons!) in London before their bye last week. That Miami defense is a little bit better than the one in Atlanta, and they will get after Stafford. Even with Megatron back, this one won’t even be close. Pick: MIAMI.

Dallas @ JACKSONVILLE (but really in London) – Does Romo play or doesn’t he? It’s a big question, but the bigger question is if he plays how effective will he be? The answer is a resounding “not very.” He’s still extremely limited in practice, and I think we saw last week that the Cowboys aren’t built to handle losing him, or dealing with a limited Romo. Too bad they’re playing against a team that is finally hitting its defensive stride and that can get after the quarterback. Regardless of who plays quarterback for Dallas, they won’t be able to hang in there at the end. Oh, and Denard Robinson will outperform DeMarco Murray. Upset Special! Pick: JACKSONVILLE.

SAN FRANCISCO @ New Orleans – The Saints have won back-to-back games when they needed it the most, and now have finally taken care of business on the road, and they’re facing a 49ers team that looked mostly lost in losing a close one to the Rams. What do they have in store for this must-win game in the Big Easy? That’s the difference here. The 49ers have proven big at re-adjusting when they’ve gotten into these losing patterns, and I think Kaepernick comes out swinging in this one. The final score will be close, but Kaepernick’s legs will make the difference. Pick: SAN FRANCISCO.

PITTSBURGH @ NY Jets – This one almost seems like a trap. I mean, the Steelers are hot (but their defense is still giving up too many points), and the Jets are ice cold (even Ivory in this last game). But the Jets really have nothing up their sleeve, they have a turnover-prone Michael Vick starting for them, and their defense won’t be able to slow down that Pittsburgh aerial attack. Big Ben won’t throw another six touchdown, but he won’t need it in this one. The boo birds will reign at the Meadowlands. Pick: PITTSBURGH.

ATLANTA @ Tampa Bay – Whose defense is worse? Honestly, I don’t think it matters because the better offense belongs to Atlanta. They should have won that game in London but they didn’t play solid for all four quarters and it caught up with them against a superior team. The Bucs are not even close to being a superior team, and when they get down they won’t bounce back up. Matt Ryan has a good day and doesn’t see too much of the turf in this one. Pick: ATLANTA.

DENVER @ Oakland – I just realized I’m picking a bunch of road teams this week, but that’s the way it goes sometimes when the road teams just matchup better, even away from home. This is another one of those beauties, and it’s a true “get right” game for a Denver team that just took a whooping in the northeast. Peyton Manning has way too many weapons not to score a ton of points against that Oakland defense, and Oakland doesn’t have enough weapons to keep up. Pick: DENVER.

St. Louis @ ARIZONA – Am I the only expert giving credence to a St. Louis team that beat both Seattle and San Francisco? I mean, this is a divisional matchup and they have the potential to be some of the most perplexing games, even when one team only has one loss on the entire season and is playing at home. If St. Louis can get after Palmer like they did with Kaepernick last week they can wreak some real havoc on that Arizona offense. I just don’t think they can sustain that kind of pressure for a second straight week, and Palmer will find his receivers early and often. Pick: ARIZONA.

NY Giants @ SEATTLE – Do I really need to talk about this pick? The Giants look as horrible now as they did at the beginning of the season. They can’t seem to win at home or on the road. And did I mention they’re in Seattle? All of those things and more make for the continuation of a bad season for the G-Men, and maybe for a shaking up of the powers that be in New York. This won’t be close. Pick: SEATTLE.

Chicago @ GREEN BAY – The Bears should be so much better than they are, but after their latest loss all I can say about them is that they’re in shambles. That defense can’t stop anybody, and Eddie Lacy should have a field day on Sunday dismantling it. That’s not to mention Aaron Rodgers. Of course Jay Cutler is inconsistent, and he can surprise at any moment, but I don’t think those moments will happen on Sunday. The downward spiral continues. Pick: GREEN BAY.


Carolina @ PHILADELPHIA – Sanchez Smanchez. If you saw the last part of that game last week you forgot all about the butt-fumble (Um, unless you’re me of course) because he actually looked like a solid part of that Philadelphia offense. He is the man for the next six games (at least) so get on the ride. I think he fits well, and with a solid week of first-team reps he will be even better against a Carolina defense that is a shell of its last season self. The defense will get after Cam Newton and keep him in the pocket where he is less efficient. Pick: PHILADELPHIA.

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