Survival of the Fittest: Week 10

nfl_g_murray_kh_400x600So, with several more teams on a bye this week, who should you go with in Survival? Keep in mind too that there are some new quarterbacks in the mix as well, with Mark Sanchez starting for the Eagles, the possibility of Brandon Weeden going again for the Cowboys, and a possible Josh McCown sighting in Tampa Bay. Add to that the push for the playoffs by several teams sitting at 5 wins, and you’ve got a chance for some intriguing matchups in week 10.

Here’s how you Survive…

Best Bets

BALTIMORE over Tennessee. Joe Flacco plays well at home, and coming off a drubbing in Pittsburgh this is a “get right” game for the Ravens against an overmatched Tennessee defensive front that can’t get after the quarterback or stop a power run game. Baltimore will come up big in this one and drag itself out of the AFC North cellar in the process.

PHILADELPHIA over Carolina. Where is that vaunted Panthers defense? I haven’t seen hide nor hair of them this season, and that doesn’t bode well for a Monday night clash against a prolific offense like the one the Eagles sport. Sanchez has gotten first team reps all week and the game plan will go ahead as normal. The defense also matches up well against Cam Newton and that Carolina offense. The Eagles will romp at home in prime time.

DALLAS over Jacksonville. This game is being played in London, but it could be played in Argentina for all it matters. As long as the team are the same the Cowboys should beat Jacksonville no matter how many times they play, and no matter where they play. Jacksonville is weak against the run, and guess what Dallas’ strong point is? The run. DeMarco Murray all day makes for an easy Dallas victory to keep pace with the Eagles in the NFC East.

The Trap

Chicago vs. Green Bay. The Bears were absolutely decimated at home against the Packers in their first meeting this season, and they haven’t looked right since, but this is Jay Cutler and anything could happen with him, even in Green Bay. I think the Packers are looking past this game, which could ultimately be their undoing. The Bears could easily pull off a stunning victory at Lambeau. Trap set.

The Fantasy Ace


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