Survival of the Fittest: Week 11

Charles+Clay+Seattle+Seahawks+v+Miami+Dolphins+f6DteTucoKSlWeek 11 brings with it the feeling that Survival Football will never end. Depending on your league most people are probably picking the same teams from week to week just trying to tread water and hopefully back into a win. Is this the time for you to take a chance and hope for a big upset to crush everyone else, or do you also tread water and hope to get through to week 12 that way?

Here’s how you Survive…

Best Bets

SAN FRANCISCO over NY Giants. While the win against New Orleans wasn’t particularly inspirational, the 49ers showed they can still win on the road in a hostile environment. That kind of follow-through will serve them well this week against a Giants team that showed about as much fight as roadkill after halftime in Seattle last week. I think San Francisco is trending in the right direction, and the Giants are just treading water.

NEW ORLEANS over Cincinnati. Speaking of trends, the Bengals have been going the wrong way, and now they travel to New Orleans, where the Saints have shown they are vulnerable by losing to the 49ers last week, but they turn it around with this one. The teams are meeting at the perfect time for the Saints and the worst time and place for the Bengals. They will turn it around again but not this week.

MIAMI over Buffalo. If not for some last second heroics in both games last week these teams would be coming in on a roll. The Dolphins in particular are playing inspired football, and Tannehill is continuing his breakout season. The game is in Miami, and I think that makes the difference, that and the Dolphins defense.

The Trap

Philadelphia at Green Bay. All that Lambeau Leaping on Sunday may have blinded you to the fact that it was against a porous Chicago defense. Philadelphia is a stiffer challenge, as they have the highest-scoring defense in the league to this point, and they’re good at forcing turnovers and special teams play. This game could come down to just those intangibles this week, even in Green Bay. Trap game.

The Fantasy Ace


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