Survival of the Fittest: Week 13

Roddy+White+New+Orleans+Saints+v+Atlanta+Falcons+qzJRrRw6V94lSurvival Leagues are coming to an end, with many already over, and others down to the final two or three players all grasping at straws at this point. So I thought I would pick three teams I would go with this week that are not overwhelming favorites because those are most likely the kinds of matchups you’ll have to rely on this deep in Survival with so many teams you can’t use anymore.

Here’s how you Survive…

Close Calls

OAKLAND over St. Louis. The Raiders are on a roll. I want to say I predicted a win for them last week, but it wasn’t me. However, this week gives them a legitimate chance to make it two in a row and get a little momentum going, and I think they do it. Derek Carr has been respectable of late, and Latavius Murray was a revelation last week. I think that he plays here, and that he plays extremely well for the second week in a row. It will come down to the final drive, but the Raiders will win by three.

ATLANTA over Arizona. The Falcons are actually underdogs at home against a solid Arizona team that is prone to giving up big plays in the passing game but shutting down the run. Atlanta is just the type of team that can get aerial in a hurry, even though they haven’t played great this season. But they’re at home for this one, and that guy on the other side of the ball is not named Carson Palmer. Advantage: Atlanta. They will take this game by six points.

NY GIANTS over Jacksonville. If you’ve been able to use the Giants earlier this Survival season and you’re still around then kudos to you because they only have three wins to their credit so far, but this should be number four. They actually played solid football last week against Dallas, and “Jacksonville ain’t no Dallas.” I think Eli gets his mojo back facing the Jaguars, but the Giants still only take a close one, winning it by three points.

The Trap

Washington at Indianapolis. Two words for you: Colt McCoy. The former third-string quarterback has gotten a giant shove forward for this huge road game, huge for the Colts anyway, who are trying to get a first-round bye in the playoffs. But these Redskins are a better team with McCoy at the helm, as they showed against the Cowboys earlier this season. I think they show up here for the young QB, and thus lies the trap. Avoid this game at all costs.

The Fantasy Ace


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