Bracket 2015: The Final 4+

Georgetown v VillanovaIf you’ve gotten this far you can smell the finish line, and it smells like pizza and ice cream, all those good things you know you want, but are just outside of your reach because you still need to put the hammer down before you can enjoy them. The Final 4 is for those top seeds, the ones who’ve smelled the finish line before, but also maybe for an interloper or two who can make a historical name for themselves by going even further.

This year I don’t see many surprises getting past the round of 16, no glass slippers by this point, but there are still enough “firsts” that can happen if certain teams make it this far, and even more history to be made if they can just win this one more game! Here’s how I see the Final 4 shaping up…


Gonzaga (2) vs. Villanova (1) – The Zags will finally live up to their potential, making the Final 4 at long last this year, and they have a confident, strong squad that can definitely get the job done vs. Villanova. The only problem is that Villanova is playing its best basketball, and the last time they were in the Final 4 they didn’t step up and execute. They will execute here and take out a tough Gonzaga team that will keep it close all the way down the line. ‘Nova will be punching its ticket to the National Title Game. Pick: VILLANOVA.


Wisconsin (1) vs. Kentucky (1) – This is a matchup of arguably the two best teams in the nation, and it should be a title game, all be told, but we get it a game early instead. Wisconsin has the bodies to match up with the Wildcats in the paint, and they can shoot the ball from the outside. I think outside of Villanova they have the best chance to spoil the perfect season by Kentucky, and they very well could in this one if they play perfectly and Kentucky has some missteps, but that’s a lot to ask. I just don’t see it happening when all is said and done. Pick: KENTUCKY.


Villanova (1) vs. Kentucky (1) – It’s not that often that we see two #1-seeds battling it out for the national championship, but we will get that this year. Of course most of the experts expect to see Duke in this spot, but I don’t see the Blue Devils making it. What I see instead is a tough Villanova team that can get after the ball and create matchups that favor them playing their best game of the season against the number one team in the country. I see them creating opportunities and finally exposing the weak spots for this Kentucky team. It’s ‘Nova’s year, and they play spoiler in this one, rewriting some history books of their own. Pick: VILLANOVA.

The Fantasy Ace


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